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McBradders: Favorites

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  • My first serious foray in to the musical game genre. So simple, so perfect. Sonic Team... come back.

  • Another perennial favourite. No matter how many iterations there have been or will be, this will always hold a dear place in my heart.

  • Discovering Treasure was like hitting gaming puberty... or something. So awesome.

  • The game that cemented the Dreamcast as a firm favourite. Sega were so ahead of their time it was terrifying, looking back.

    Again, hundreds of hours, hundreds of good times. Come on Sega, you're telling me you can't do this again?

  • Don't tell -anyone-, but this is my favourite fighting game ever. Shh.

  • How I learned to love the drums and make my friends cry by singing.

  • The first time I really saw that games could be more than just really cool toys.

  • Played many hundreds of hours of this... just a wonderful game in every respect and something Nintendo have never been able to recreate. DS came close... but no Cigar!