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2010 - Disappointments

A list of disappointing games or game hardware/events from 2010.

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  • I LOVED the idea of Game Room when I first heard it, but slowly as information was revealed it lost it's appeal quickly. By limiting the game selection to only games from the 80s and also their weird token like system no one really cared to invest time or money into building their game rooms.

  • Most of the games that I've played so far are no better than Wii games from 2008. I think they should have waited for a few more games before launching, the tech is neat but the games are still fairly lacking. I expect to see some amazing games in the future though, something no one has thought of yet.

  • Earlier this month this game was released for the iPhone Platform. Instead of porting the classic game graphics they recreated everything in the game with 3D models. Because of this and the code port job that was done, the game doesn't play quite the same. They also had their own Achievements and Leaderboard system, but didn't integrate Game Center so that's a big minus in my book. It's a fun game but could have been a LOT better.

  • Again another year that this show seems to make fun of itself more than we video game fans do. While better than previous years, it still feels like a two hour long advertisement. I'd like to see fans to be able to nominate for awards in addition to voting for them once announced, more gaming veterans on stage presenting awards and longer acceptance speeches. But again I don't expect "Spike TV" to want to do a more serious gaming show, so maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree?

  • Earlier this month this game was released on the Xbox 360. I LOVED the arcade/Dreamcast version of the game, but sadly this is a port of the neutered PC version that came out a few years after the Dreamcast. It lost all it's licensed content from the music that MADE THE GAME to the various real-life stores you had to take customers to. If it had retained at least the music of the original, it would have been an instant buy.