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2010 - Games I Didn't Get Around To

Due to various deals, etc I picked up a lot of games in 2010 that I haven't gotten around to playing yet.  Most of these I'll try to get around to the last week of December.
Here is that list:

List items

  • I'm starting to see a trend here, I buy games as they come out and forget about them until later. Same thing here.

  • I bought both DeathSpank games for the Mac when they launched a week or two ago, Katie raved about them and I plan on getting around to them soon.

  • Wound up getting the Collector's Edition for something like $3 from Amazon

  • Got this for Christmas 2009, I haven't yet had time to play it.

  • I got this also last Christmas, haven't played it yet either. Swapped it for the Mac Steam version so I can buddy up with friends who also have it, just haven't had the time.

  • Bought this the day it came out, heard wonderful things, but haven't played it yet. Maybe before 2011 I'll find time?

  • Heard great things, wound up getting this game for an insane deal at KMart and it came with a free copy of Prototype as well. Just need to sit down to play it!

  • Torchlight came out for the Mac along with Steam for the Mac, couldn't pass it up but I haven't had time to get beyond the first level.

  • Being a big fan of the arcade game, I grabbed this game the day it came out on Xbox Live Arcade only to forget I bought it until right now.

  • The trailers alone made this game look like a video game version of Brock Sampson from the Venture Bros. It was an instant buy, just never got around to it.