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  • First off I'm a big MK fan, I run the longest running MK fan site ( so of course this game is a bit biased in my book. But regardless of that NetherRealm Studios set out to re-invent Mortal Kombat with this installment, and they did. As a long time MK fan I think this is easily the best game created since the arcade games, and may be the best created yet because of all the content that they give you. Not only did they pack in a great smooth 2D fighting game but they added an awesome cinematic story mode. In addition to that they put in a good (could be better) online system with many options as well as other challenges to occupy your time. I lost a solid 2-3 months of time to this game, and do not regret it. Can't wait to see what comes next. They set the bar for future fighting games as far as on-disc content.

  • For once a game decided to not take itself seriously, at all, and we got this in return. I spent the last week after Christmas playing Saints Row the Third, so it's a late addition to my list. This game BLEW my mind. Never has a game in recent memory just been made up of so much crazy out of left field crazy shit. Everyone needs to go out and play this, it's just too damn good to pass up.

  • More Batman is always good in my book. Many people did not like how Arkham City moved to a sandbox model, but I really liked it and hope they go a bit bigger in the next game. I was addicted to roaming the city as Batman and doing all the main and side missions. I couldn't put it down until I had finished it.

  • I finally played AC2 and AC Brotherhood early in 2011 and enjoyed them thoroughly, so this was a great continuation for me after enjoying the other two earlier in the year. So I think combined this "Ezio" AC series ranks high in my Top 10 of games I played this year, but would be lower if it was just by itself for me this year. I say that because this game was "more of the same" but where "the same" is a something I like I still liked it. I just hope they take the series to new levels with Assassin's Creed 3.

  • Took Portal 1 and made it even better, which I deemed impossible. I couldn't put it down, but it could have been longer and even more difficult like the first one was.

  • More Drake getting himself into trouble over and over. Nothing new here, but still an enjoyable fun ride for all involved.

  • Tied with BF3 for me. MW3 had the better campaign mode and BF3 had the better Multiplayer. Combined they'd be a perfect game I feel. MW3's story mode finally "ended" and was again a very edge of your seat experience. But the multiplayer felt exactly like MW2's with a few new options and none of the improvements that were made to Black Ops.

  • Tied with MW3 for me. MW3 had the better campaign mode and BF3 had the better Multiplayer. Combined they'd be a perfect game I feel. Like Bad Company 2 before it, the single player experience is very forgettable and bug filled. I constantly found myself breaking the scripting or doing things the game didn't expect me to do putting it in weird situations. Online on the other hand is still super enjoyable right now, and a breath of fresh air after MW3's MP being pretty boring and non-fun for me this time around.

  • Gears of War 2 really disappointed me, but Gears 3 really made up for it by delivering a great frustration free campaign mode as well as a wonderful updated Horde mode. A winner all around for me.

  • A game that became almost exactly what it set out to be, a gritty film noire detective game that takes place LA in the 40s. Also the character's facial animations ruined all other games for me this year, they just don't look as good.

  • This is my iOS game of the year, a unique and fun experience that fits well especially on the iPad platform.