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Best of 2010 (Runners-Up)

Good games I had immense fun playing, but just not quite Top 10. No order.    

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  • I would have rated this higher if the COD games have not just become rail shooters. Give me areas to explore and options to take different paths. Multiplayer is fun, but only because almost all of my friends are playing it. But I rank it only because the story was actually pretty interesting and well acted, just need more "expansion" really.

  • Great sequel to a great game, got repetitive towards the end as the story progressed.

  • Great 8bit throwback beat-em up game. Only downfall is the really long levels, or enemies that took way too many hits. They could have either made the levels shorter or the enemies easier and it would have been much more fun to play.

  • I think if EA made this game a downloadable game for XBLA/PSN and sold it for less it would have caught on more. Great re-creation of the arcade classic.

  • Had fun playing thru single player, despite the poor game scripting and various bugs. Never played the multiplayer long enough to truly enjoy it.

  • What a crazy-ass game, never got around to completing it but I will soon.

  • Very unique platformer, very entertaining.

  • Reminds me a lot of one of my favorite games, The Grid. It's more of a tower defense game than a deathmatch game like The Grid, but still fun either way. Need to play this more in 2011.

  • From what I've played of the game so-far (haven't completed it) it's a lot of fun. Hope to complete it in 2011.

  • Came out in late 2009 but I never played it until mid-2010. Great fun addicting iPhone Game.