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@fitzgerald said:



ps: don't click it's a virus.

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Tested it. Works fine with 360 controller. Compression isn't an issue, but there's noticeable latency.

ps: $20/month is a ridiculous sub fee considering the mostly old-ass catalogue.

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Yes, but not all games on PS Now are included with the subscription, and would still need to be rented. The 360 controller is not officially supported (obviously) but the internet says it should work. The only problem with not using a DualShock 3/4 is that there could be a problem with games that use the SixAxis, but if you get into it you can pick up a DS3/4 on the cheap probably.

Any list on wat's included?

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@wynnduffy said:

Anything worth playing is going to be on PC thanks to Play Anywhere, so even if Microsoft priced it at $100 I wouldn't buy it.

Although the reality is, Microsoft don't have anything exclusive I give a damn about. Alan Wake 2 would make me care, but I think that would be on PC for sure too.

This. The Play Anywhere idea is DOA since Sony and Nintendo are both clamping down on exclusives. MS are just shooting themselves in the foot, just like they did with used games DRM. Sony said "nope you can play your used games on PS4" and wiped the floor with MS.

Dropping the exclusives idea only works if other manufacturers do it too. And they aren't.

And nobody's gonna buy games off the MS Store after seeing what happened to Games for Windows Live. They'll wait for a Steam release (like Quantom Break).

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Nintendo said that they won't have another NES-Mini situation with the Switch, but I'm pretty sure it's inevitable that Nintendo's only making the bare minimum necessary until Holiday 2017 where things heat up. In this case it will probably be an effective marketing strategy since there's no games at launch, and better to make it seem like the Switch is a rare thing rather than having them rot on shelves until Mario's out.

I don't think a lot of people know this, yet.

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I'm pretty sure Skorpio's going to wipe the floor with the PS4 Pro, which will drive exclusives to Xbox.

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@hawkinson76 said:

I've never backed anything and never will.

This. I thought the Kickstarter fad was over already, what with its many failures.

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@raven10 said:

I got bored of it way more quickly than I thought I would. I know that there are harder difficulties once you beat the story mode the first time, but I just can't bring myself to play through such mind numbingly easy missions to get to that. Plus, I really hate not being able to move to a location and then attack. Unit placement has always been kind of the key component of the strategy in these types of games. Not being able to choose your starting positions, and not being able to choose what square you are attacking from kind of takes most of the fun out of the game.

Also, the developers took the time to create an overlay to show you were the danger zones on a map are, but until you move into those zones the AI won't move, and thus far no map has been designed in such a way that allows you to make good use of that overlay. If I can't bait the AI into a bad position then why even allow me to know what the bad positions are?

You are right about starting positions in battle, but you CAN choose where to attack from. It's significantly easier to control the game in general if you change everything that says "auto" in the menu to "tap". Then you tap a unit, tap where to move and then attack.

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I read somewhere that having friends on ur list results in free feathers in your Home.

So friend code on!

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The launch lineup sucks for Wii U owners especially, but for those without a console that only sold 12 million, the Switch has Zelda, a game that will last a while while they work on other games.

Not only that, but Xenoblade 2 will be as big (if not bigger) than Zelda, and the ability to play that JRPG on mobile will be fantastic.

Switch isn't worth it at launch (which might turn it into another Wii U), but it will get the games. Nintendo really should have pushed $250 with 1-2 Switch included, but they are still 100% greed even though their last 2 consoles didn't outsell their predecessors (Wii U vs Wii, 3DS vs DS)