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Big problems hold this game back. 0

The main issues I have with the official Waverly Place game are two-fold.  Challenge details are often ambiguous, and your character often has to walk from one side of the game world to the other, and back again, just to complete a challenge.  I am supposed to be a WIZARD... why am I walking for five minutes straight, when on the TV show, a wave of the wand gets you anywhere? Games that make you walk just to make everything seem longer and more worthwhile simply do not fool me into thinking that...

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The definition of a "Baby Game". 0

Bonkers is truly a baby game.  From the moment you turn it on, and you play through the ridiculously easy early levels, you'll wonder if the settings accidentally got changed to "Super Easy Mode (For toddlers only)!"When playing through this game for the first time, I noticed that after each level, you are given a Passcode - this can be typed in if you lose the game at that point or decide to quit playing.  I was foolish enough to write a few of these down because I thought that there was a chan...

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An Outright Abomination 0

I stumbled across this many years after it's Playstation release.  I feel like I saw it come out, and ignored it in favor of Playstation 2 games (Seeing as how this was ported to Playstation at the very end of the Playstation's formidable years).  So I was quite surprised when I found this game, and decided to impulse buy it, because I absolutely love The Three Stooges.Now I want to find the people who ported this, and throw them in a dumpster.  When playing this game on Playstation, a pretty ad...

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By no means the greatest, but still a lot of fun! 0

When WWE Crush Hour was released, WWE was still a very big deal.  Their top talent (Such as The Rock, RVD, Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Kane) were still around and in wrestling capacity, and they all made it into this game.  I think what was so exciting about this game was that it was finally an alternative to your straight-up pro wrestling games like The Smackdown! series, the WWE Vs. series, and the Legends of Wrestling series.  It was bizarre, no doubt about that, but it seemed like a good fit...

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