To be fit or not?

Hey guys.  Ok I used to be a gym junkie.  Basically I would work till 4:30 and be at the gym by 4:45 and workout (run and lift like crazy) until about 7.  Go home games...sleep...repeat.  Since having a kid (2 1/2 years ago), I haven't done dick when it comes to the gym.  I definitely put on weight, but I'm not to huge.  Since having a kid, time is my enemy.  If I do the gym, I need to sacrifice gaming and family time.  If I skip the gym like I'm doing, things only go downhill.  I have a treadmill @ home so maybe I just need some motivation.  I tried the working out over my lunch hour, but that killed my afternoon.   What do you guys do?   Let me know what types of routine's you guys have and how you maintain them.
Peace out,