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Whats funnier, quoting a game site like Destructoid or a game called Hatred? Im going with the talent at Hatred for my entertainment of choice.

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The only thing unique about Splatoon is they want $60. That is insane. Oh, plus 3 dolls for another $45. Its not DLC just dolls.

Also they really just took concepts of De Blob and made it into a shooter.

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i would imagine any card in the last 2-3 years should probably do 30fps@1080p at max settings with no AA.

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Take this with a grain of salt, I saw this one guy on youtube during one of those wonderful riots somewhere, talking how he worked at a big named news TV show(he is now an independent) where he would sit in a room with about 100 monitors(during such an event) and 1 one guy would make the decision on what should be shown. Thats what the whole conversation was about, 1 guy was basically telling you, the american public on what you should be watching and how you should feel. His example at this riot was how Black people hate Jesse Jackson and Al so much they are constantly chanting "Fuck You" to them and throwing things when they are talking, but its never discussed or shown on mainstream TV.

Think about that one person is making that decision, not a democratic, collective, or majority...just one person. Thats scary, just like that guy said and the reason he bolted.

Dont matter to me, its all about money and power and it will never change. Ever.

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Josh Sawyer walks out on PC stage and announces KOTR 3. Drops mic. Have a nice day.

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Not even close, Shadow Complex.

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Was it the Bee show? It was one of those where nothing clicked, boring.

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In order: Finished Hard difficulty

  • The Banner saga- Fuck that last battle.
  • Avernum:Escape from the Pit- I uninstalled and reinstalled probably over a dozen times through the torturous 130 hrs. True ball breaker.
  • Lichdom: Battle Mage- First time in a long time i was asking myself, Will this ever end? Good game hope to see a more refined sequel.
  • Betrayer- I never thought muskets would work, but made me a believer a good early American/ European FPS with muskets is possible.
  • Naissance- Friggin awesome from its visuals to soundtrack.
  • Dishonored- Best AAA game ive played in a long time and worth every second. Only thing missing was a world populated with the likes of Assassins creed.
  • Enigmatis:the Ghosts of maple creek- Good relaxing P&C adventure
  • Infected the Twin vaccines- Another P&C game, but with FMV. A really good if not too short of a game.
  • Contrast- Its ok, but a huge missed opportunity. And damn is it short, who knew?
  • Letter Quest: Grimms Journey: One of the best puzzle RPGs out there. If you like word puzzles check it out.
  • Resident Evil Revelations- Its ok, but the whole RE formula has finally worn out its welcome.
  • Dark Souls 2- Im not a souls expert but have played enough to understand they are special. I played naked throughout, except for a helmet and pretty much walked through the game with little to no trouble. Im currently playing the DLC, whole different ball game. One of the best games i ever played.
  • Half Life MOD- Holy shit. Still one of the best FPS ever.
  • The Talos Principle- Awesome puzzle game and the menu options are bare none the model for what every game should offer.
  • Ironcast- Im level 39 with close to 40 hours now. Fuck ammo and fuck energy.

Games started DNF

  • Starpoint 2- Was looking for a Space Sim, but the UI in this game is terrible. If you cant compare your current weapon to what is in store, back to the drawing board.
  • Reassembly- Im never buying another game where i am the builder. I suck at it.
  • Halfway- Probably go back since its been patched, but the difficulty spikes where insanely frustrating.

Early Access still playing

  • Grim Dawn- Awesome ARPG. Still haven't tried it online but just love the atmosphere, characters and slaughtering shit. Story is not too bad, considering.
  • I Shall Remain- Its not going to get that level of polish i had hoped for combat, but the unique level up rpg elements, art work and world is enough to keep me interested.

Currently Playing:

Shadowrun: Dragonfall- Im still early but wow. Everything from the writing, rpg, graphics, art its truly special.

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PC master framerate race.