meaninoflife42's Top 5 Games of 2014

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  • Shadow of Mordor is the best game of the year mainly because of how it plays. Combat's fun, the side-quests outshine the main story campaign, and I'm still having fun going after the collectibles. The nemesis system is a great mechanic and only adds to how good this game is.

  • While not as good as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us is the better game Telltale put out this year. The choices you made here didn't really impact the story all that much, but it did impact Bigby's character.

  • Funniest game of 2014. I walked around every environment looking for all of the gags because they were so well done.

  • Wolfenstein: The New Order is the most underrated gem of 2014. Machine Games took the simple concept of shooting Nazis in the face and made a game that managed to tell a very interesting story and give B.J. Blaskowicz a character arc. Plus, it's always fun to dual wield shotguns and blast away everyone in your path.

  • The Stick of Truth manages to break the curse of terrible South Park games by actually getting Matt and Trey involved in writing the story. And boy, what a story it was.