meaninoflife42's Top 5 of Two Thousand Sixteen

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  • The best single player experience of 2016 bar none. Combat's fun, traversing through the levels and finding secrets is fun, and it's appropriately dumb story is a joy to behold. There is multiplayer but I haven't played any of it, mainly because it looked kinda boring and bad. This is a purely single-player game and it's more than worth whatever price it costs.

  • Titanfall 2 is single-handedly the best multiplayer experience of 2016. It's fast, fun, and has fluid controls for both Pilots and Titans. The single player is also surprisingly good for a FPS campaign. It has some incredible levels and actual good first person platforming. Here's hoping for a Titanfall 3.

  • For a Hitman beginner like me, this is a great starting point. It lets you kill targets in varied and sometimes hilarious ways and is just difficult enough to not get too frustrated when plans go awry. The self-aware serious story is only the icing on the probably poisoned cake.

  • Out of all of the Batman related media that came out this year, Telltale somehow managed to outshine the rest by creating their own spin on the characters you know and takes them through dark and interesting changes that I don't want to spoil here. This is also a Telltale game where choices actually do matter and drastically change the way a character looks and acts towards either Bruce or Batman.

  • Like Mafia 3, Virginia manages to find a new and unique way to tell it's story. Here the story is told without dialogue, only relying on its score, character actions, and cinematic editing.