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Man there are too many good games to play, and yet I feel like playing none of them. TF2, GW2, SFV, MHGen, Picross 3D 2...

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More of a Story than a Golf 0

Golf Story presents itself as an unassuming, charming, 2-D golf RPG. Harkening back to the days of Mario Golf on the GameBoy Color, this game places you into a world full of silly NPCs and challenges around the world, giving you opportunities to play golf, complete quests, sharpen your skills, and enjoy a laugh or two. While it delivers plentifully on a colorful world and silly interactions, Golf Story is a bit too shallow on the "Golf" half to really hook anyone seeking a good golf game.The maj...

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A lot of fun on not enough space 0

So, as someone who grew up on Nintendo consoles and had played the 3 previous Smash Bros games avidly with his brothers, I was immediately drawn to Smash 4 when it was announced. I followed the hype and the videos for months before it came out, and the very night it came out, I downloaded it, my brothers downloaded it, and we texted our sister across the country to download it as well.What I'm trying to say is, I love this series, and Smash 4 is an excellent entry, even though it isn't the Melee...

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