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A tale of Shrooms and Facial Hair 0

Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, like its RPG predecessors, takes the fever dream that is the Mario Universe, with its playfully absurd landscapes and characters, and gives it a pulse; an evolution of sorts. Its story and pacing isn’t the greatest, but it’s the elaboration on the ideas put forth that make this game great. Bowser’s Inside Story sees the return of Fawful, the parodically stiff villain, and he’s more meticulously insane than ever. His latest maniacal bout for power is the s...

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Final Fantasy XIII: A Conflicted Mess 0

   When reviewing Final Fantasy XIII I can't help but measure it against Final Fantasy X, Yoshinori Kitase and his development team's last venture with Square-Enix's flagship series. There are a lot of similarities to be made between the two games; thematically, similar leveling systems, in art direction, and their distinctly linear progression. Beyond that though, they are two radically different games. With each iteration in the series, the formula is improved upon, either exceeding the highes...

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God of War III: Going Out with a Bang. 0

     Sony Santa Monica has crafted one of the most critically acclaimed franchises in video game history with God of War. So, with God of War III, the final chapter in the Ghost of Sparta's story, there aren't any big risks made or creative liberties taken with the winning formula. The deaths are more brutal, the scenarios more epic, and the combat has been honed to near- perfection. All of the se trademarks of the series are more engaging through their presentation and the optimization of the P...

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Glory of Heracles: Blaaaaah. 0

 Glory of Heracles definitely seems to fit the mold of being someone's first RPG, neatly fitting Nintendo's business model of accessibility. The cell-shaded art style, and well-animated sprites are nice, yet when met with a boring storyline, confined overworld, and an under-achieving battle system makes this something to avoid, and hard to recommend to even the openly naive of the genre.    The story follows the journey of an immortal warrior Heracles, the son of Zeus, and his band of fellow imm...

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     Darksiders may borrow heavily from many other popular games, like The Legend of Zelda, Portal, the God of War series, Panzer Dragoon, with some 3rd person shooter elements thrown in, but it's completely unabashed in that fact, and manages to make it all feel fresh and engaging with a strong, focused art direction.     The game has you play from the perspective of War, one of the fabled Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and drops you in to a premature battle between the forces of Heaven and Hell, ...

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