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A queen of legend gets resurrected. Fast paced, gorgeous, and an exciting new beginning for the franchise. 0

The original Tomb Raider emerged as a significant and influential early 3D action game, taking the market by storm and spawning an industry of merchandising, sequels, and adaptations. She sprang into existence and seemed to become an instant archetypal touchstone. Something of a pop culture frenzy ensued, with major media outlets covering all aspects of the game.Everyone knew who she was. That popularity endured even as her games became more and more rote, and the gaming population's view largel...

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Complex and brooding pregnant demon? No, shrill whale (sic). 0

For me, the F.E.A.R franchise was one that opened with more of a "pop" than a bang. I am not ashamed to admit that, for a significant amount of time the PC version of F.E.A.R. represented something akin to CRYSIS. My school laptop pissed itself at the specs and then BSOD'd to neutralize any perverted inclinations I might have to emasculate it further. I contented myself with reading positive reviews, ogling a couple screenshots, and moving on.It wasn't until some time later that I encountered th...

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