These single-player games are cut

Some of these break my heart to leave behind, but these are games I gave a fresh chance and did not enjoy.

For many of them it will be due to their extreme difficulty or need for rote memorization that I see as opportunity cost for playing other games in their place, so if I choose in the future to play games solely for their difficulty and challenge, these games may be uncut.

List items

  • I love the visuals, the cutscenes, the music, and that it's a ninja game. I find the difficulty to be brutally hard due to some poor design decisions familiar to NES games at the time. Enemy respawn, unfair enemy placement, and poor hit detection are some of the biggest obstacles for me enjoying this game.

    Great for its time, but I did not enjoy the experience.

  • Note that this is for 1P Contra and not 2P Contra. I can't say I don't like this game. It has that badass 80s feel to it and it has a lot of replayability. But it's fun that counts and I found this to be just a generic run and gun side scroller compared to the Metal Slug games that surpassed it.

    Again, great for its time, but, because it's overshadowed by newer games, I cannot see myself playing this title again on single player.

  • I like the risks this game takes. It is a platformer with a gimmick and no jump. The bionic hand is incredibly fun to use once you have mastered it. The problem with this game lies in little gimmicks such as clipping through floors to skip levels (as if it was an intentional part of the design) and also things like choosing the proper colored communications device for a mission, which slows everything down considerably. Top that off with a very steep difficulty curve and frustration is abound.

    Maybe I will try the rearmed update someday.

  • I don't know how true this is, but I feel like every person who enjoys this game played it to death as a kid. First of all, the boss fights are hard as hell if your gun isn't powered up enough. Since taking hits reduces your gun power, you CAN'T take hits. This makes the game really unfriendly to new players who just want to explore around. There's also no save feature so to progress at all means going through everything all over again. I think this game was amazing for its time, but it is best left to be played by those who played it back when the NES was on top.

    Great soundtrack and graphics.

  • I can't really explain why I don't want to play this game again. I like the concept and how unique it is, but I just can't endure playing it anymore. It might be the music.

  • IWBTG inspired. I am not a big fan of how much skill I will have to develop in order to enjoy this game. This is one of those "return to later" if I am seriously looking for challenges from NES style games.

  • Revolutionary at its time. I don't have the patience for an 8-bit RPG in lieu of MMORPGs or newer RPGs that have come out since then.

  • Pretty fun and easy game. The problem is how repetitive it gets and that repetition gets old quickly. There are better platformers.

  • This game is really interesting. It follows the metroidvania style before that style was really realized. There are some aspects of this game that have not aged well. For example, I can't stand the music or the menu system.

    There's also an updated version of this called Dragon's Curse for PC Engine

  • This is just a generic RPG that I don't see myself ever getting back into.

  • Same as the first game. I can't explain why.

  • These games have so many gameplay problems. Look to a later iteration of pokemon if that's your thing.