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I am 50/50 on controversial Jeff decisions.

for example I am 100% in agreement with him on the Syndicate case, I was 100% in disagreement with Far Cry 3. Yet even though in the Far Cry 3 scenario, I can still see why he would think it at the time was a great game deserving of alot of its praise, even if I don't think it did personally. This is why I appreciate Jeff over among all others when it comes to opinions on games.

I have my own fears about Red Dead 2 and the direction its going in terms of gameplay and content, and honestly if Jeff was on that same side I wouldn't be surprised.

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You know I honestly thought they would have carried this into the PS5 and then lose the lead in marketshare to the Xbox thanks to their slow but massively grown "I don't care how anti-consumer I'm being in front of people" tactics.

With that said though this totally could just be for Fortnite because everyone is playing that game right now, even you right now somehow, and you don't even know it.

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If I hadn't played up until the end of Nighthold in Legion I probably would be more impressed with this expansion. So far almost every system they created for Legion that came back as either the same thing or the same thing but with a twist has been making me feel like this is a watered down Legion. All the new editions are also kinda... thoughtless? The Island Expeditions are... honestly something I would expect FFXIV to add in terms of quality, they're incredibly boring. The Warfronts could be neat, but as it stands I pretty much join one and have the sense i'm not accomplishing anything because 19 other people are beating me to the objective.

The leveling experience honestly was kind of a mess. My biggest pet peeve is doing mandatory story progression quests that are also leveling quests at max level, FFXIV does this a lot as well. By the time you're finished with 1 zone and a half you're already around the 119 mark, that just seems super jarring to me that you can almost ignore a whole zone during the leveling process, and you end up still having to do the zone anyway for particular reasons.

Pugging mythic dungeons are exactly the same as they were in Legion as well, an experience I wish was better but at this point I just don't feel like anyone in game development is even trying to deal with toxicity. If I wasn't apart of a guild that was raiding I probably would have hung it up already.

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The problem which is what I’ve been lead to believe is that ideally this is the content most of the player base actually wants. I mean people complained all up and down about eureka, saying how terrible it was and how unfun it is. Yet they... still did it, and they probably looked at all the people who actually just put up with it and assessed key points of data they received to “rebalance” pagos to take even longer. Those same people are probably going to also, put up with this shit, give them the data to keep doing what they are doing and “rebalance” it to make the last part of that side story take even longer.

The only thing they won’t take the actual people doing/completing data from in retrospect to keep doing this line of content are the ultimate fights, where they literally only look at how long World first took and make the next one “take even longer” to complete.

If the dev team puts in lackluster content, people just have to stand up and not do it. If nobody is interacting with eureka then would they just continue the course and go according to plan or would they actually take the time to assess why people hate this shit and try to fix it.

I have been a massive fan of this game for the longest time but the state of my raid group and the people I know that play this game it is incredibly dead. I will still log in and play everyday cause I’m an insane person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want better. I’ve been wanting better for a long time, and if the Warlords of Dreanor problem has to happen with this game to make them understand then by all means I hope the train derails into that chasm.

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XIV is in this really weird place where... the beginning of the game is now really poorly balanced and boring (so much that Square recently sent me a survey about what i thought about the early parts of the game and why i "quit" playing the game when im still subbed and at endgame and play everyday), and the endgame is just some of the most mindless shit that is in a desperate need of a rethinking or just more shit to do in general. The sweet spot for this game always seems to be the leveling experience from 51-70 now, and then the supplementary content released after hitting 70 and completing the main story. XIV is a pain to start, and is a pain to keep playing after you've done everything possible (barring Ultimate fights, barely anyone really can even clear that stuff on the regular). I felt like Warcraft has done a much better job fixing its extreme low points and making good repeatable fun content that I can officially start re-recommending WoW over XIV again.

BUT, in terms of console MMOs XIV is still leagues ahead of nearly damn well everything available. So if you could get the complete edition I would recommend it, it'll last you quite a while as long as you stick out the 1-50 stuff.

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I don't think Square makes the same mistake by giving the other game people are waiting for the most to another platform holder. They already made themselves look like idiots letting Microsoft have KHIII on stage.

Edit: Also it being a "Demo", like, if the word on the street is true that game is already back to square one, what could they possibly demo with little to zero work to show.

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Sad part about all of this, I would probably still be playing if not for the fact Bungie's anti-cheat system is real bad and managed to ban a friend in my group indefinitely for running a process in the background that didn't jive with it. But now i have yet another season pass I bought that... isn't getting the worth i spent.

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I'm currently having issues of this game constantly crashing on me after finishing a mission or simply navigating the menus. I also had this weird issue the first time playing it where nothing on the menu would work besides the gacha button. It seems serviceable but it's not gonna pull me away from Granblue anytime soon.

Also I'm just not a big fan of the source material but there are characters I like from the show so there's that.

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I can double vouch for the performance on consoles being terrible. From playing in the closed beta a couple months back once hitting the huge city where everyone decides to AFK in, you suddenly run into 0 fps situations where once you enter them, you end up in a spot you have no recollection of ever heading to because you just skipped about 1000 frames of animation. I understand its hard to bring an MMO to a platform that is designed to output graphics at the same rate across all similar devices, but to the point to where I'm actually not able to see whats happening while im traveling through high populated areas for small amounts of time is downright unacceptable. Especially since there has been MMOs in the last five years that managed to get up and running on a PS3. Some of them still being able to play with their PC counterparts. While performance maybe wasn't the best they were still acceptable and playable at the time of their release.