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If you ask me it was the one best game of 2017. For once in my entirety playing Mario games it felt I had a real grasp how to platform well like the crazy technical shit Sunshine and 64 offer. You can throw that hat, dive into it and bounce off of it and dive again. It's that shit that would have been a technical test of prowess in Sunshine brought to you in the most feasible way possible. That is the good shit.

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I mean if it goes to triple digits there's only one option



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As much as I'm dedicated to watching the Fusion play out this season there's just a few things I have issues with that will either make or break this project for me.

We've pretty much already covered that when it gets down to it, nearly the only way to see who won the big team fight is the killfeed and what color it shows coming out on top. I do not know how you even go about fixing this in Overwatch. One of the games only criticisms is the graphical barf one sees during team fights and how it just becomes illegible. Toning it down only seems to do the game a disservice, and keeping it the way it is makes it seem like the game wasn't made for competitive play. This is something I hope they figure out within the correct timeframe, if not I can definitely see a lot of bounce off in the future from future probable fans.

My second gripe is probably due to be fixed if the league turns out to be a success, but for me it takes the wind out of my sails to be enthusiastic for a regional team that might never even play in the city they belong to. If I want to dedicate to being a Fusion fan I would definitely go out to Philly and see them play, given the current format of how games are played though it's understandable how that wouldn't even be sustainable and feasible to have all the teams constantly globetrotting. Maybe for one week out of the season a team can host the games for the week in their home city in the future. For me this is a personal issue I have with it, it's like why even have them adopt these new names if they won't be playing in those cities or countries.

Other than those two things I'm still keeping track, and I seriously hope the "skill gap" thing doesn't become an issue, I've been putting those worries aside mostly due to the fact now that there's a league that has combined multiple regions together to compete in the same space that the League of Legends issue doesn't repeat itself where teams from the US will just never compete with teams from Southeast Asia. If the teams can regularly play against the Spitfire and Dynasty then there might be hope teams can start to learn how to adapt better against them.

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This is my first time watching any footage, and to be honest I didn't think they could encorporate the mobile game battle systems into the game so well. My only question is why out of all the non-main story characters they pick Percival for that slot in the trailer.

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@whur: In some cases the specifics are extremely important, I wouldn't use Diablo to describe the game at all. You could be decked out in good gear and still fail at higher levels of play due to lack of mechanical skill and knowledge, which is the actual part people will bounce off of, like the gap between what is needed from a player going from low rank to high rank, then high rank to something like G rank is drastic. Where in Diablo you can just run rifts and keep grinding for gear to eventually railroad to higher plateaus you will eventually get there. In Monster Hunter you could be stuck at the same monster for a great amount of time due to the learning curve and learning its patterns, a gear set or phat legendary will not brute force challenging walls.

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I might end up pulling a Brad this year and end up having a game of the year also being the most disappointing. As much as I want to like Persona 5 like everyone else... the game has some real issues on the narrative side of things, and I do think that Persona 4 suffered from the same thing, it's more forgivable to me since 5 clearly loses track with what it wants to do midway through the game only to get back on track near the end. Yet I can say with confidence that so far there hasn't been a better game than it for me this year. It's predecessor was just a hard act to follow when it came to story and characters.

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Well thanks to Patrick I followed him on his journey to Kotaku and now I can't stop going there for some reason even though I absolutely hate the format and most of the content that site provides. Thanks Patrick.

I follow Austin and Patrick on twitter, Waypoint doesn't do it for me in terms of actual information I try to seek out for current videogame news.

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3 for the sole reason (even if it was partly an act) literally everyone getting fed up with it as the game went on

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Even if it didn't come out late I think that they would turn on this game after a certain point. The non-existent scaling in this game makes it a real bummer to play once you hit a certain floor number.

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I'm interested to see if they solve the normal/savage disconnect with Stormblood. Alexander all but obliterated raiding on multiple servers.