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I have a string of games where a person who put 80 hours into genji and no other characters have the gall to tell me how to play a support character. It's fantastic.

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I found a copy of Super Paper Mario in the house yesterday and started that up today. It's a super interesting game with some neat ideas, but to finally play it I can admit it's still not the game I wanted? I'm still super early in though so I mean it could still end up being entertaining enough.

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@meestero: As a resident Monk. I am still very not pleased at the Dark Knight story. If you want to talk about SE cloning class mechanics and screwing over classes. Monk and Dark Knight is the prime example over Machinist and Bard.

Dark Knight rose not by competing for a tank slot but by devaluing a Monk in the melee dps slot. Taking the most contested slot and turning it into a no brainier.

No amount of class tuning is going to change Monks position until next expansion. No matter how good of a job Monk is it will remain one of the least desirable raid classes. Which is crazy considering Monk is probably objectively the best job behind Warrior. But as long as the gap between Monk and the other melee is smaller than the gap between DRK and the other tanks. As PLD are never going to be WAR level it is not happening.

This is actually something I actually deeply agree with and didn't figure out until later why Monks were disappearing from raid comps. The only utility monks offer to a group now is a stronger version of Mantra, and removing Dragon Kick and putting it on Dark Knights was a very bad move. It would have to take a lot, like the Dragoon retooling in Heavensward to have them become more accepted in compositions once again.

I mean my group runs triple melee with all three of the melee classes in the group at the moment (I have to run A7S as a SMN only because we cannot cheese the caster cage), and out of all thee of the classes I would want to have replaced for a caster, it would definitely be the Monk.

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It might, but even a quick visit to shows a dramatic drop of people who post a clear as an AST past Ratfinx Twinkledinks, if we're taking those clears only into account. It was also admitted by some players in Elysium during a podcast that they wouldn't consider bringing along an AST in any type of world first progression.

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@belegorm said:

I'd also say that with the way jobs are currently kinda all rather homogenous, SE is putting a bit too much focus on having everything completely balanced. They fortunately seem to have given up on the idea that you can take whatever smattering of jobs whatsoever into any event, but the difference between taking a WAR over a DRK is in the grand scheme of things a fairly small benefit. Of course WAR is actually better, but not significantly so. The double-edged sword that FFXI had was that certain jobs couldn't get into certain endgame events because they weren't balanced well for those events, but most of them could go do other events. As a result you saw far more variation in the jobs in FFXI than in FFXIV.

I would agree on most cases with this on the current balance of the classes... if Square was able to actually do enough for Astrologians. As much as I love playing Astro and the utility it brings... in the progression environment, Astros are just not possible to bring along still. They do not have the capability to replace Scholars still with Noct stance still being very weak compared to scholar shields, and while they are capable raid healers, they just lack that big AoE heal that White Mages have. They lack anything resembling a Cure III which in the long run hurts quite a bit. Astro so far is the only class to receive the most changes to its kit with every patch, but it just never seems to be enough to sway people to pick it up more often.

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@cloudymusic: Frustrated would almost be an understatement, but yeah, it really didn't look bright in 3.0 for either Bard or Machinist, it was almost to the point to where groups almost didn't need the utility from either class mostly due to in part that Square has been slowly giving other classes some sort of group utility. Ninja's have Goad, Dragoons were given Battle Litany and so on. Its a shame that it takes the under-utilization of classes in endgame content for Square to react to these problems though. They really suffer in terms of balancing moreso than WoW or any game that runs a public test environment because Square still thinks they know how to provide content flawlessly, and current players will know exactly what I'm talking about (Diadem, Red Scrips, etc.).

I picked Dark Knight to do next because their story is almost incredible, Dark Knight was actually considered the most useless class in the game at one point, UNTIL Gordias Savage came out. It was the one example of Square actually proving they knew what they were doing from the get-go.

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@gkhan: So another Blizzard game does this, which is Heroes of the Storm, but this isn't a very good solution either. Since the game itself cannot differentiate what role you've picked, you'll end up in a game where there's an Illidan and four other assassin characters, or in my case, pick Murky and get teamed up with an Abathur and a Cho'gall, thus rendering any chance of me doing my thing irrelevant. In Overwatch I just imagine it working the same way since hey, since one team hasn't figured it out under their development house, how could another.

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Symmetra, because APPARENTLY I'm havering too much issue with the lag compensation on shots and can't even grasp how McCree and Hanzo players manage to hit anything, and Torbjorn since his turret just does it for me, however his turret also upsets me because it's a peashooter in a lot of cases so setting it up is a hassle past the setup point. Whenever I have to shoot something though it's Roadhog

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A silent protagonist to me seems like less work for them to put in for more exciting dialog options. Like if they do get Troy Baker to voice the main character, what are the chances they have him record a full set of low intelligence dialog. Then again 3 didn't have any of that.

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They need to show that they know what a Fallout game is outside of a trailer to get me excited. We're still on the east coast, there is even more Brotherhood out in the east then there logically should be, so I'm just getting the feeling they're still using this license to create a post-apocalyptic game but are too lazy to come up with their own property.

This will probably still be a good open world game in its own regard, don't get me wrong, but I get the feeling this still ain't the main line fallout game that I want. Less bitter about it this time around though.