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GOTY 2015

Everything below the tenth game is an honorable mention and or a silly category (seriously though LISA should be checked out)

List items

  • Everytime I start up this game I can't put it down, it grabs my attention away from my MMO habits more than any other game this year

  • Undertale came in during a real rough period for me in this year. When I didn't think I could enjoy a videogame for a long time, this game came around and showed me it was possible.

  • Its like Syndicate, but with loot rolls.

  • Even though Patch 3.1 has been a massive disappointment and raiding is in a real bad spot right now, the initial launch of Heavensward was still memorable and a very strong presentation of what has yet to come for the fledgling MMO, while not happy with the direction development went changes will happen, and it doesn't stop it from being on the list.

  • Demon's Souls was an amazing game.

    Dark Souls was a horrible game

    Dark Souls 2 was even more horrible

    Bloodborne is an amazing game

  • The only thing holding this game back is still being on a handheld. Otherwise it's an incredible Monster Hunter game

  • I haven't gotten too far but this game is neat, neat enough to have me wanting to get back to it eventually. Glad I didn't play it during the first early access days

  • Super Blizzard Brothers of Legends SMITE 2. Fun game, goes really far with its own roster of characters along with creating new memorable ones

  • Finally, a game that lets me live my childhood fantasies along with finding a way to make the horrible fighting game engine tolerable.

  • I'm only about 10 hours in and I'm massively impressed by the scale and scope of this game. Where Fallout 4 fails to draw me in with any of its hooks this game is reeling me in. Its only on the 10 spot because I don't have enough time in this game to make it warrant a higher spot.

  • Best old game of 2015

  • I somehow ended up playing two MMOs somebody help me