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The Best of My Best 2011

Hello? Is this working? Oh well, after a whole year of Videogames, its only natural that you'd want to make a list of what you thought was the best of the year. So here's one of those lists!

List items

  • I went completely Batty over Arkham Asylum, it was one of those games I just wouldn't put down until everything was completely done. So when Arkham City was announced in just a short time after Asylum, I was automatically anticipating this game over any other in 2011. This game did not disappoint that anticipation in any way, shape or form. While I'll still hold Asylum over City, no other game this year made me lose sleep as much as this one. Tracking down every single Riddler Trophy, doing all the challenges, and finishing New Game+, it once again had me hooked from start to finish, and with that ending, who knows what possible direction they could go in the next outing. Wherever they go, you know I'll be good for it.

  • Now I never actually got around to playing the original Deus Ex (Though I do own it and plan on doing it eventually), Human Revolution had something that all the other games this year didn't have, Options. While not as many options as I hear its predecessor has, it's still a lot compared to most games that came out this year. Nearly every situation had a different way to go about things, heck you could even go through it without killing anyone (except the bosses). This game, was again, a game I couldn't put down without doing every possible thing. I even played through it a second time even after I saw all the endings, something I didn't have to do, but WANTED to do. Human Revolution and Arkham City were close for that top spot, and while Deus Ex has to settle for the two spot, it doesn't belittle my stance on the game at all.

  • This was actually a game I was going to hold off on, an unplanned purchase if you will. After the collective fanbase ruined Portal for me, I'd only fear that Portal 2 would suffer the same fate. Well luckily I ended up enjoying Portal 2 more than Portal, and luckily enough months later the game wasn't quoted to death on the internet. Basically a win-win situation all around at that point. In all seriousness though the story elements being structured around the puzzles, the variety of areas, the ever lively Source engine proving it's still able to go the distance, Portal 2 was just more of a good thing. Even if the single player wasn't your bag, they included a co-op mode in the same style as the first game without any of the story breaking up the puzzle solving. Out of this whole package, there's just something for everyone in here.

  • I don't know what I could possibly say about Bastion that already hasn't been said this GoTY season. While I only got this for a total of $5, I would have gladly paid the full price for it. It's got so many enchanting features, such beautiful environments, and super tight combat that no other downloadable game can possibly or will possibly top for years to come. It simply raises the bar, just hopefully not too high for everyone else.

  • What could have possibly made the Tower Defense genre any better? That's a question I asked that Dungeon Defenders answered beautifully. Four unique characters with their own style of play, grinding and looting monsters just to get better loot, upgrading equipment, and pets. While some other Tower Defenses may have tried to go this route, I can't think of any other game that did it better than Dungeon Defenders.

  • This was actually the first Uncharted game I completed, not out of curiosity or anything. I was actually a really big fan of the first one, but I ended up only playing halfway through a copy I bought for a friend as a gift, who unfortunately never even touched it. Due to unfortunate circumstances I have been unable to play either one and two, but after my trip to PAX 11 I made getting 3 a priority. This ended up being one of my better decisions out of the year. Uncharted 3 just doesn't understand the term "tone it down" at all, nearly every action sequence was just one thrill ride after another, with each one topping the next. I was left wanting for more, and while I do have one and two to still play through, I hope Drake can get one more big adventure.

  • I only got into the whole Dead Space thing this year. While moving up to Washington earlier this year and having no internet access I decided to finally go out and buy Dead Space. MAN, did I miss out on something I totally would have enjoyed on release, it wasn't one of those games I sat down and 100%'d this year, but it did come extremely close. Luckily I was able to finish an insane playthrough just in time for Dead Space 2. What came to follow was one of the most intense playthroughs I ever had in a videogame this year. Playing Hardcore mode added a whole new dynamic to an already exciting game. Only armed with three save spots, and no checkpoints, I was able to finish out the game only using two of them, and while that was a feat in itself, it was also a heart attack waiting to happen knowing I just stepped into the final boss fight without using a save. So many random things could have killed me and sent me back two chapters, but I prevailed, and the rewards were more incredible than I could have possibly imagined. Hardcore mode alone made this game a memorable one, and earn itself a spot on this list.

  • Edmund McMillen is one silly bastard, and this game is only more proof. The Binding of Issac is one of the funniest games of the year, and maybe even one of the most challenging. I've only racked up a total of 20 hours into this game, yet I was able to beat it enough times only to find out that the game only gets harder from there. I haven't ever enjoyed a rouge-like like this, or enjoyed one ever, but it's safe to say if you were ever curious in ever playing one of them, this is the perfect gateway game.

  • Back to Back rouge-likes, in MY list? It's more likely than you think. I actually didn't pick up Dungeons of Dredmor until late into the Steam Holiday sales, but if it was able to make it onto this list in such a short time says a lot about this one. You basically start off as a lone dungeon crawler with a load of hand-picked (or randomly picked) abilities, and are expected to go the whole way through hoping you don't horribly die on the first floor. Dungeons of Dredmor makes the extremely bullshit deaths adrenaline-filled joy rides, knowing you could unleash hell unknowingly upon yourself only adds to the charm of this one. I'd have to say I can't think of another game at both encouraged and/or punished you as hard for exploring a dungeon like this game in a while. While I have yet to actually amass a winning playthrough, I'll keep truckin' through, maybe there is a light at the end of this dungeon... or just another acid filled fountain just waiting for me to drink myself to death.

  • I was a HUGE fan of the original and two, even back then when it was just considered a blatant rip-off of Grand Theft Auto. While I still feel 2 had the bigger city and more activities, Saints Row: The Third took the series in a completely insane, but committed direction. There's a whole city for you and a friend to just completely fuck up with a wide assortment of ridiculous weapons and tools, something the likes no other sandbox could even dream of. Farts in a Jar and Purple Dildo Bats? Stay Classy Steelport.