My Personal Best of E3 2017

List items

  • I want this game so bad. So so bad. It just oozes joy. It also seems insane. Mind control? New Donk City? Dinosaurs? Sign me up.

  • This is how you sell a game with a trailer. I had completely forgotten about the latest installment in the Wolfenstein franchise, but the zainy trailer had me chomping at the bit for more.

  • Mario. Rabbids. XCOM. Visual exciting, mechanically crazy. M+R KB is a game that shouldn't work, but it really looks like it does.

  • I love co-op. I feel like almost any game is improved when shared with a friend. What is unique about A Way Out is that it's built from the ground up to tie those cooperative experiences to those of the characters in it's story.

  • I'm loving the risks being taken with this reboot. The focus on characters, the changed perspective, all of it makes me more excited then I ever thought I'd be for a GoW game.

  • Styyyyyyyyyyyyle. Not only does this game perfectly capture a cyberpunk aesthetic, but it does so while mixing 2d and 3d like I've never seen before.

  • The latest Guilty Gear games visual style always fascinated me, but I never cared about the characters. Now I get to play a game that looks that good, but with characters I'm familiar with.

  • Most interest I've been in a Call of duty in years. I'm a sucker for a good historical fiction story. I love films like The Thin Red Line and shows like Band of Brothers. Also the developers taking inspiration from Firewatch has me excited.

  • Another game that we really don't know that much about, but the promise and proposed direction of its existence excites me.

  • This had to be the lowest on my list simply because all that was shown was a logo. How excited that logo made me is exactly why its on the list at all.