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So I bought Witcher 3 GOTY for PS4 a couple days ago. Haven't started it yet cause I've fallen hard into Mafia 3, but I was wondering if I should play the first two games or at least read up on them before taking 3 on?

I've got them both installed on my PC, but I just haven't started them yet.

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Gonna echo what other people have said with some of this stuff but:

  • Play the tutorial as many times as needed, specifically the freeform training version of the cruise ship you unlock after completing it once. I did it until I did every challenge on it, but YMMV. The cruise ship is a really great level and teaches you a lot about the various ways to kill someone, to get around unseen, how to use your map, etc. I keep meaning to go back and redo the airbase, but it's nowhere near as fun as the cruise ship unfortunately.
  • Look at the various challenges before you start a mission. It's a great way to have a basic idea of what you can do on a map and more specifically what you might wanna do on any given run.
  • Do all the opportunities. They're great at showing you the map and even if you don't follow them all the way through, many of them are good at getting you into various places. You can normally do two opportunities on a run, though sometimes you might only be able to do one.
  • Do as many assassination challenges as you can in order to level your mastery up quicker. This ties into the other two, as knowing what assassination challenges you want to do before you enter will allow you to load out effectively and completing the opportunities will generally leave you in a position where you can do one or more assassination challenges. They give you like 2500-5000 mastery points, so if you do two and do some of the discovery and feat challenges along the way, you can get up like 5-10 mastery levels in one run.
  • Always bring a lockpick with you. Most levels you can find a key or keycard, and you'll be SOL if you get caught picking a door open, but it's a nice thing to have with you just in case. My standard loadout is a coin and a lockpick, but coins are super easy to find on some maps if you know where to go.
  • Look up where the security rooms are. You can shoot out the cameras with a silenced pistol (which I never do), but sometimes you can't do that and unless you're ridiculously stealthy and know where all of them are, you're gonna get caught on camera and need to destroy the evidence if you're going for silent assassin or at least no evidence. Most maps only have one security room (Sapienza has four but they're specific to each part of the map, so you don't need to take all of them out) , so learning where that is and how to get there is really useful and allows you to plan for taking them out, though a lot of them are ridiculously easy (looking at you, Marakesh security room) if you know what you're doing.
  • Don't be afraid to look up how to do things. Hitman has a crap ton of Youtubers who have covered basically everything, both with and without obnoxious commentary, so odds are if you run into trouble trying to do a challenge, they've probably done it.
  • Don't snap people's necks unless you have to. If you're going pure chaos then go for it, but otherwise just knock 'em out and dump their bodies. It's easier and saves time...and also means you can go for silent assassin.
  • Always be dumping bodies. In almost every part of a map there will be something that you can dump a body in. Whether it be a box, a wardrobe, a laundry hamper, what have you, it will either be in the same place as where you've knocked out or killed someone or accessible to you if you pick your spots and drag the body there without being seen. Only leave a body out in the open if you're 100% sure it's an area that no AI is programmed to enter. Even if there's a 5% chance it'll be stumbled upon, dump it. Successfully dumping a body just as someone is coming near you or walking past you is super cathartic.
  • Complete all the Holiday Hoarders challenges and use the Santa 47 suit everywhere. A super dumb tip to end on but there is something surreal about starting every map dressed as Santa and having everyone in the world react to you normally and not even mention the obvious. It's even more nuts when you knock out or kill a dude wearing it.

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@m4r71n2012: That makes sense.

@rethla: Technically yes, but then you'd end up not getting SA on account of all the non target kills you'd rack up.

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My first SA on an elusive target!

Started as a stylist and made a beeline for the bathroom near the catwalk, coining the waiter inside, choking him out and dumping him in the closest. Then went back out to the ramp the models walk off of when they're done catwalking and waited for the target, running back to the bathroom and turning the tap on when he was close. Waited outside for him to go in and look at, before I entered and snapped his neck, dumping the body in the closest and picking up the usb. Then I just walked right out the front door.

I'd love to see someone shoot him on the catwalk...or just dump the light rigging on him. Wouldn't get silent assassin but it would still be fun. Only problem would be getting the usb afterwards.

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@papercut: Sami Zayn to enter at 7 and probably get eliminated by Strowman or something.

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Welp, I fucked it up.

Started as the technician, got the elite suit from the van, turned on the vacuum and destroyed the camera evidence, retrieved the plan while both hackers were out of the room...and then everything went to shit. I spent a lot of time trying to time when the hackers weren't in the room and when the guy on patrol was out on the balcony, but the target just wouldn't really move.

I poisoned the coffee with the enemitic poison that I brought in, which caused one hacker to vomit and for the guy to finally walk around. I got cocky and followed him out onto the balcony, pushing him off and then got shot trying to go down the stairs.

I had a whole lot of fun with the food critic, which was my first elusive target, but this really soared me on the whole concept. I really hate the no saves thing, cause it goes against how I play the game through trial and error. Like if I could save and reload, I could've figured out a way to get rid of his guard or something.

Also I think Colorado is my least favourite map out of the ones I've played (still haven't done Hokiado). Granted, I've only played it twice so far (once before I did the target), but I hate how everyone has guns and how many disguises there are. People shit on Marakesh but at least there are places you can go to do stuff and the way disguises work make sense. Also you can dismiss people which is pretty great.

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I find it funny after I do my first elusive target in the Food Critic by blowing up him and his bodyguard with the explosive phone and running out the front door, all in a minute and fifty five seconds (after restarting it a crap ton tbf), that the next target can't be exploded at all. Oh well.

Least I've got a reason to play Colorado now. It and Hokiado are the only two I haven't played yet.

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They should do it as a CYOA and then if Alex enjoys the first hour or so, make it a semi-regular series. If he doesn't, then do something else because it wouldn't be fun to watch someone be forced to play a game for content.