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Great value with easy pickup and perfect Switchness 0

I am shocked how much I love this game at first glance. Admittingly, I haven’t spent enough time with the Online modes to give a definitive review of the netcode, but it is GGPO and I feel confident as an experienced fighting game player that this is something really special. Pocket Rumble is a love letter to the SNK fighting games that came out for the Neo-Geo Pocket. This is met through the graphics, sounds, and most of all, two button controls. Having only two buttons provides a unique ...

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This is What You Are 0

I love Amplitude. I loved Amplitude years before today because it's what got me into music games. Before DJ Max, Theatorhythm, Rock Band, Bemani, Project Diva, and Guitar Hero there was Amplitude. Sure I played a lot of PaRappa and liked it but Amplitude had a difficulty progression that only really existed in DDR at the time. The large number of tracks with their genre variation and the driving difficulty makes it one of my favorite games of all time. God damn it, I love Amplitude but this isn...

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‘Cause We’re Living in a Shadow World and I am a Shadow Girl 0

DANCE! Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a rhythm game for fans of Persona 4. Plain and simple the qualifications for this come down to how badly you want to see the Investigation Team go on another adventure. If you come to this because you like playing Music games then you might have some significant problems.There’s two main aspects to Dancing All Night, Story Mode and Free Dance. The Story Mode consists of a visual novel story starring the cast of Persona 4 with an emphasis on Rise and t...

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(Insert stupid boob joke here) 0

Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! is a Rhythm game that stops beating around the bush like Project Diva or THE iDOLM@STER and shoves anime girl ass in your face throughout the entire game. This is absolutely the most important aspect to this game because regardless of the mechanics or music, if this prevents you from enjoying the game, the prevalence of it will make you regret your purchase. The level of sexualization could be labeled as extreme or excessively gross but at the same time is so b...

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Improvements over the first game elevates the Curtain Call into the most enjoyable part of the show. 0

I want to make note that I have not spent a full game amount of time with Theatrhythm because like other Final Fantasy titles, you are meant to spend hours upon hours with it and it never actually has an endpoint. I have however played a very large amount of the original Theatrhythm and have spent more than enough time with all types of music games to make me feel comfortable to write this in a timely manner to help fellow dooders interested in picking up the game. Also while I've tried, I've n...

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Excuses to leave optimized. 0

More detailed writing coming but I felt it necessary to point out things about the PC version that would have prevented me from purchasing the game at launch. I have loved the CoD series and have avidly played every previous game online with MW2 being my favorite, clocking in over 200 hours. I personally only play on PC online for controlling reasons and one of the most important things to point out is how with the new consoles are coming out, the team used this as an excuse to reduce the amoun...

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The feeling of power for a budget price. 0

The Cartel... Man that was embarrassing. Techland is a Polish video game company that has been around longer than most people would presume, making their first impact in the states with the original Call of Juarez back in 2006. Since then they have expanded on the Western series, created the Dead Island series, and created various off-road racing titles. People would say that they have a very strong hit or miss ratio for their games with low points being Dead Island Riptide and Call of Juarez: ...

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A Beginners Review for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 0

If you are reading this review, odds are you know quite a bit more about video games than most people. Actively seeking out information about a specific video game shows you have knowledge on the subject. By calling this a beginners review, I mean it's for a beginner to Monster Hunter itself. Monster Hunter is one of the largest series in Japan but sells relatively few copies in America for several reasons and among those are how unfriendly the game is to beginners of the series. There are many...

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