The Road to Mel: Post-Memorial Day Edition


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 Man, I'm so disappointed I'm done with this game.  I was really really enjoying this game while I played it.  By the end, I looked pretty damn badass (as seen above) and was one heck of a mage.  Unfortunately, there's no play after the credits roll.  I'm debating whether I want to go back and play as a thief or hunter type.  I just can't say enough about this game.  I know I've said it in previous blogs, but this game is definitely worth a try.   


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 So after I finished Risen, I decided to take advantage of some of that Free SOE account time and checked out my old Planetside account.  Bad news: I totally had forgotten how to play.  Which made my first attempt at Instant Action a bit less than desirable.  I took my husband's advice and figured out what did what before I tried to jump into combat.  So I went through all the training sessions, and decided I really wanted to play my stealther.  She was THE toon to get into a base or tower and hack it before anyone realized she was there.  That was... at least 6 years ago according to my veteran rewards.  I mean, I did get in and cap a few towers, though they weren't being fought for that hard, if at all.  But the base that I kept trying to get into.... that was a joke.  I finally gave up and decided it was time to go do something else.  I do still miss running around stealthing and hacking.  Maybe another game.

Warhammer Online

So I already have a Warhammer Online account, but I created a new one this weekend, specifically for the Endless Free Trial.  Sure, I'll be capped at level 10 (maybe 11?) and I'll be stuck in Tier 1 for the rest of my life.  But that's where I've had a ton of fun.  And that's all I really want out of the game at the moment - to go play the hell out of some Tier 1 PVP.  More minor changes to the game, and yet another game where I forgot half of how to do what (like auto-attack.  I had to look up the key binding for that).   But it was already giving me that "ahh... this is what I was looking for" feeling. 
I have no idea why I'm on this PVP kick.  That's fairly unlike me, but it happens.  And those two games had some awesome fun PVP.  And they're free for me at the moment.  And that's my big requirement.


Game of Thrones: How to Train Your Prostitute 

Apparently when you own a brothel (or several, as the case may be), you should train your prostitutes on... well as Littlefinger put it, men already know that it's all an act.  It's the prostitutes job to make them forget that it's all an act.  As such, Littlefinger pairs prostitutes together and makes them each take turns at being the man, while the other practices her faking (or just really enjoys herself).  Such was the case with Sunday night's episode, as we watch one prostitutes fuck the other while Littlefinger waxes poetic about his lost love, Catelyn Stark.  I gotta say though, it was a fairly hot scene. 
River Monsters
Have you seen this show yet?  It's actually pretty awesome.  This guy (Jeremy Wade) is a marine biologist and extreme fisherman.  The episode we got to see this weekend was another awesome one.  He was hunting Bull Sharks that had taken to living in freshwater rivers.  It turned out that the sharks were content not to attack humans because they had learned to catch easy prey right off the fishermens' lines.  Recently we actually saw an episode we had to turn off though.  It was about the Candiru Catfish.  These things punch bullet-sized holes into other fish (and humans) and eat their insides, leaving just skin and bone.  But the most disgusting one was one particular breed of Candiru that swam up a man's penis.  Yeah... we had to turn the episode off before we learned more than we'd like about that. 

Life & Law School

Over the weekend I received a Revised Financial Aid Award Letter.  In addition to the federal Perkins loans, I've also been offered the Grad Plus loan - in an amount that MORE than covers tuition.  So I'm no longer stressing about tuition so much.  And even books and such will be covered.  I'm pretty happy.  Feel like I finally got things for school all tied up and I don't have to stress about suddenly not being able to do law school. 
Memorial Day Weekend was pretty quiet for me.  Saturday became a day of yardwork, for which my back is still paying.  Sunday was recovering from Saturday night.  And Monday was just taking advantage of the extra day off.  Although I felt very productive on Saturday, I still feel like my weekend should have been more productive than it was.  Perhaps soon.  I told the hubby I think I'm going to be doing some painting in the house this summer.  I'll fit it in somewhere in there.
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