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I guess I won't really use my other title for this one, because there won't be as much gaming stuff in it, but I like my banner too much not to use it.  :)  But here's the weekly blog:


Audiosurf is the only new game I tried this week.  (New for me anyway.)  I expected a music/rhythm type game, and was kinda surprised when it was across between your normal music/rhythm game and some sort of racing track type deal.  Anyway, the best part of the game, for me, was being able to use music from your own hard drive for the game.  It's a fun little game to mess with, and I can see playing it on nights I may be playing music anyway.  It may be something I turn to instead of Bejeweled.  Other than that, the hubby has started playing Legacy Mode of Fight Night Champion.  He likes it, and at the same time he's not terribly thrilled with it.  Mostly the latter is because he's been having trouble knocking guys out, but this seems to be because of the new control scheme, and how he plays.  Finally, he also started playing Sacred 2 again.  Unfortunately, because I'm the one that does most of the stuff around the house, I didn't have as much time for gaming as him.

What I Did While GiantBomb Was Down

That is, aside from checking every fricking few minutes the first day.  Then I ended up going to Twitter to keep up on what was going on with GB.  The crew seemed to do well at keeping people informed and keeping content rolling out.  Unfortunately, I'm not really into the video content or podcasts, so I didn't care much.  I'm all about articles/posts I can scan/skim as I please.  But yeah, so I updated my Twitter page a bit.  And actually hung out on twitter a bit.  Now, I follow less than 50 people.  I only personally know a handful of them.  Maybe that's why I don't like Twitter much.  Because it's a bunch of people following celebrities, hoping that the celeb will notice them and retweet them or reply to one of their tweets.  So needless to say I got sick of Twitter fairly quickly.  I don't care THAT much about what a celebrity has to say every five fucking minutes.  I mean, ok I follow some cool people.  Wil Wheaton tweeted about a blog he wrote today where he bought his first Pokemon game ever recently at age 38.  It was a good read.  But I can't believe all these self-righteous people who expound about Facebook while they hook up their Twitter IV's.
Edit:  Oh yeah, so I actually ended up getting work done at work.  Which I am not doing so well at today.

A New Car!

 (You can't say "A NEW CAR!" without putting Bob Barker's voice with it.)

    So my husband and I previously only had one car, which he usually had for work.  It's a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport (2 door).  I love my SUV's, and this one was cute, and the price was right when we bought it.  But it's an SUV, which inherently means it sucks for gas mileage.  And the hubby has it most of the time anyway.  Considering I'm starting school soon, and will be in Seattle till late in the evenings, we needed a second vehicle - something with good gas mileage.  We settled on trying to find a Ford Focus, since their gas mileage is great.  (And we try to stick with domestic vehicles.)  After some run-around, some stress, and some crappy financing, Friday night I drove off the lot of my local Ford dealership with a 2008 Ford Focus.  The MPG's on this manual bad boy are 24 City, 35 Highway.  Great stuff.  It also has SYNC (the hands free voice recognition which hooks up to your phone, USB media, etc), which was fun as hell to mess with.  This car is also peppy as hell.  It's like an econo-sport car.  And it purrs like a kitten.  I'm quite happy with my new car, even if I'm not thrilled about car payments.

 The new car... and a blurry husband
 The new car... and a blurry husband

Another Convention

So there's this convention in the Seattle area every year called NorWesCon.  It's a sci-fi convention.  I have some friends who have been going for years, and some who've been on staff for years.  They've been trying to get me and the hubby to go forever.  So this year we finally went for a while on Saturday night.  I was disappoint.  

First of all, I guess this year was their biggest year yet with around 3,600 people.  Uh... yay?   Rink-a-dink.  But then, my first ever convention was the 10k plus of PAX. 

Second, I found out that the celebrities there will almost always be crap because the convention staff refuse to pay a celebrity to show up to their convention.  Their loss I guess.

Third, the convention seems like nothing more than an excuse for people to dress up weird, and hang out and get drunk.  Now while the free booze was nice, if we were doing this convention right, we would have needed to get a hotel room.  I'm not paying for a hotel room just to get drunk when I can do that in the comfort of my own home.  I'm not really a big crowd person, and people-watching can only keep me entertained for so long, no matter how cool or weird they all look.  And I understand that lots of the guys go there to watch the chicks, but honestly, only like 10% of the chicks there are even worth checking out.  Trust me, I check out chicks too.  But here are a few pictures that I lifted from someone's Flickr of the weirdness that is NorWesCon.  I will never go again, I don't think.  But I will now drag my friends to PAX so they can see a REAL convention.

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 Woah... These are not the droids I was looking for.
   Ok, this guy actually did look pretty neat.  Hell, the suit would have been cool even without all the glowy.
   Don't ask... I dunno.
   One of the decent ones.
     Sorry if I've scarred you.


I realized I almost forgot about Easter.  So we didn't do much.  I got everyone some candy and a chocolate bunny.  Got an Easter present for the kid.  Did a nice stuffed salmon dinner.  But it turns out that my ungrateful child believes that 11 is definitely NOT too old to still have her Easter morning egg hunt around the house.  She was also quite pissed that the mall and Gamestop don't seem to realize that Easter should only be celebrated first thing in the morning when kids get their baskets and such, and that the mall and Gamestop should be open after that.  I didn't take any pictures, but here's an old one for the holiday spirit:

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