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Great Things About Xbox

This list compiles all of Xbox's successes, whether they be minor or major events - everything will be found here. Don't take absolutely everything listed here too seriously (for the most part). This list is personal preference, and you don't necessarily need to agree with me

List items

  • Although the console did suffer some technical issues, the Xbox 360 was ultimately a truly great console that defined a generation.

  • A great game that kickstarted the eventual success of the Xbox brand.

  • Another great game that evolved the capabilities of online multiplayer through Xbox Live.

  • The defining masterpiece of the Halo series that was at peak of the series' success.

  • The greatest dashboard for the Xbox 360 - sleek and well-designed, comparable to PlayStation's XMB menu. Microsoft should've sticked with this one all the way in my opinion.

  • The ability to play a large selection of Xbox / Xbox 360 games on future Xbox consoles is truly a godsend on Microsoft's part.

  • This was the service that made online multiplayer on consoles a reality - and it was magical.

  • A fun addition to games that set new and intriguing challenges for the player to do in games.

    Well, at least that's what achievements were made for *in theory*.

  • They may be obvious Mii clones, but they gave your gamertag a certain identity.

    And they look better than the ugly ones of today...

  • One suprisingly influential game that is quite fun to play all these years later.

  • (At least the ones that came before the late Xbox 360 generation)

    Long ago, Xbox once had a good catalogue of exclusives - like Halo, Gears of War, Fable, Crackdown and such. But alas, those days are long gone.