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Top 10 Worst Games of All Time

This list is in descending order; starting with the worst game I've played on this list before proceeding down to least worse, but still generally bad games.

List items

  • I have no words to describe my seething hatred for this game, which is a part of a series that I found myself enjoying.

  • A game based on the poorly-aged satirical British TV show of the same name, Little Britain is nothing more than a collection of poorly made mini games which are set around the show's more popular scenes. Steer clear! This game is not worth your time, money or patience. Be glad if you're not from Europe, because this game never released outside of our beloved continent. Besides, it's not like many people from anywhere else in the world has even heard of this show until now.

  • Another licenced game, this time based on the James Bond series. 007 Legends is an odd game which is based on several classic Bond films, but utilizes Daniel Craig (at least I think he is?) instead of the respective actors from each film that is presented. This game could've been unique and interesting if it weren't for the generic gunplay, poor choice of films serving as the basis for levels (e.g. Moonraker & Die Another Day), and poor voice acting.

  • It's just as bad as what I thought it would be.

  • I expected nothing and yet was still disappointed.

  • Generic and confusing.

  • To be honest, this game is only on here just so I could make this list a top 10.

    Although Brink's generally playable, it was definitely unfinished.