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Worst Things About Xbox

While I do primarily play on Xbox, I am a strong critic of Microsoft's choices and ideas for the brand. Sometimes you just have to ask "What are they thinking?" with some of the choices they've made in the past.

This list compiles all of Xbox's blunders, whether they be minor or major incidents - everything will be found here. Don't take absolutely everything listed here too seriously (for the most part). This list is personal preference, and you don't necessarily need to agree with me

List items

  • Don't even get me started. The Kinect was a terrible idea that went absolutely nowhere. Why would anyone think that a peripheral that doesn't use a controller would be the definitive way to play Xbox? Especially since the Xbox was predominantly focused on the hardcore gaming market.

  • Not only a stupid name, but terrible marketing for a console. The Xbox One was announced to be an all-in-one entertainment device, with not much to play on it. And beyond that, the console initially required you to have it connected to the internet 24/7 and you couldn't gameshare with other people. An epic fail which led to PS4 absolutely demolishing the sales of the Xbox One.

    I also hate the sharper controller design, awful optical drive and ugly initial dashboards.

  • If you know, you know. I personally believe that this guy single-handedly killed Xbox's reputation. Don Mattrick is a poncy-faced idiot who knows absolutely nothing about video games. Who knew that outright telling people to buy an Xbox 360 instead of an Xbox One would lead to disastrous results?

    In short, I'm glad that this guy got rightfully booted and replaced by Phil Spencer. Go back to EA where you belong!

  • While Microsoft revolutionized the concept for Games on Demand with the initial release of Xbox Live, the service itself is somewhat flawed. For instance, many DLC packs are overpriced in my opinion - look at Left 4 Dead 2's DLC for a better picture. Valve didn't want to charge players to play the original L4D maps on L4D2, but Microsoft insisted to put a price tag onto it. There's also many older games on the service that are still full priced years later, looking at the Call of Duty games here.

    Not to mention, delisting games & DLC sucks - which is why Games on Demand is flawed.

  • I can see the appeal for Game Pass for those who don't actively purchase games, and like subscription-based services, but I personally think Microsoft shouldn't focus all of their efforts onto this service.

    While Game Pass is a great idea for some and well-priced, the idea itself is concerning for people who like to actually own games like myself.

  • I'm talking Scalebound, Fable Legends & a ridiculous amount of games cancelled by Microsoft - specifically during the Xbox One era. There's a reason why people say that present day Xbox has no games.

  • What a waste of massive talent. Imagine buying out one of the greatest team of game developers and doing absolutely nothing with them. While Rare did put out some good games under the Microsoft belt, such as Viva Pinata, Kameo and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, they haven't done much since. Out of all the studios currently owned by Microsoft, this one has gone almost completely off the radar since Sea of Thieves. What went wrong?

  • Simply put, this studio knows absolutely nothing about what made the original Halo games so special and fun to play.

  • Unfortunately, this game was dead on arrival. Project Spark was like the precursor to the PS4 game Dreams, and was a really neat concept to make your own games within a game. However the game only lasted for a grand total of 2 years before Microsoft turned off support for good, presumably because they thought that Minecraft will replace it. I think they should give this game a second chance.

  • What Microsoft have done to this game is nothing short of upsetting. Bedrock Edition was a complete travesty that is nothing more than a shabby console port of Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The DLC is vastly overpriced and the updates have made the game substantially worse overtime. I also was extremely disappointed to find that the DLC I bought for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft wasn't compatible with Bedrock, neither was any of my previous game worlds. Look at how they massacred my boy.

  • The Xbox 360 launched as a powerhouse console that didn't work properly, and it took Microsoft 3+ years to get it right. We all know about how devasting the Red Ring of Death was for Xbox users back in the day and, while I never had the issue, I did hear about users having this problem.

  • Despite this having more to do with Windows than Xbox, it's still a pertinent issue that exposes Microsoft & their horrid usage of DRM.

  • It's not enough to just digitally buy the game. This has more to do with current Xbox, but the Xbox 360 / GFWL also has this issue.

  • Great idea, but you need a HDD to use it - and not every single game is compatible (some have even been removed from the service overtime).

  • The idea itself is great, but my issue is that not every Xbox game is backwards compatible - even though they easily could be. I know that legal / licensing issues could face a problem, but everything else should work out in the program's favour. What's worse is that Microsoft is abandoning this program in the future, leaving many great games (such as the Saboteur & Mercenaries 2) to be left behind - especially the huge catalogue of original Xbox games yet to be added to the program.

  • Never used it, because I never saw the point of it - especially since I don't play mobile games rarely if at all.

  • Having to pay to play on Xbox Live is an absolutely ridiculous concept, it was worse when you couldn't even access Netflix or YouTube through your Xbox 360 without coughing up £8 a month.

  • Achievements you can't get anymore just suck if you're a semi-completionist like myself. Luckily, some devs notice this and either make achievements predominantly singleplayer-oriented or change the game parameters for the achievement to unlock.

  • While there were some pretty good indie games, much of the library was filled with poorly-made absolute money-grubbing garbage - take for instance Silver Dollar Games. The service was quietly axed a few years ago with no warning, despite many of these games being geniunely awful, there were some decent games on the service - such as Arcadecraft and CastleMiner Z.

  • Talentless hacks releasing awful games for Xbox Live's Indie Games service. They're the quintessential version of LJN for Xbox 360. Do I need I say more?

  • I have owned way too many of these to count, these Play & Charge kits are beneifical to me because I absolutely hate replacing controller batteries when they die out. However these benefits that come from using these Play & Charge kits come at a price of the cables being very weak and prone to damage. They would last for maybe 3-4 months, or sometimes 6-8 months before I had to replace the cable again.

    Another small gripe on a long list, but still annoying nontheless.

  • Just a pointless feature which didn't last very long either. I can't remember having to use SmartGlass for anything significant, but there was that *one* Fable Anniversary achievement that required you to use it - you can't get it anymore however.

  • Not exactly a bad game, but why did it come out on Xbox 360 in 2014? There was so much potential for a Fable Anniversary but this remaster feels shallow and rushed compared to Halo CE Anniversary - which was also underwhelming, but a good game still.

    No graphics options to switch between classic / updated graphics - which is bad because I don't like the visuals of Fable Anniversary because it loses the charm of the original game.

    If Microsoft decide to do a Fable Collection, then please do the original game some service.

  • I already mentioned that some Xbox game DLC packs are overpriced for the amount of content they give you.

  • While this service has put out some good games, much of the games given out for free with Xbox Gold are very much subpar.

  • A good way to entice customers to just pirate games / DLC instead!

  • Happens to many games, so is a negative all around really. Killing of Halo servers was bad, but at least the Master Chief Collection exists to replace it.


  • I can't play my own games if I decide to go abroad without my console. There's a few games I would like to play, like Darkest of Days, but I can't because they only released in the U.S.

  • What a waste of time. Achievements that give you 0G are completely pointless. I can think of many of these for the Forza games.

  • Too many cars locked behind DLC that you can't purchase anymore. Way to go Turn 10! This goes for most of the Forza games anyway - look below for more, it's down there somewhere.

  • Microsoft completely forgot about these guys, and that's just sad.

    They also completely overhauled avatars for Xbox One and they look fuck ugly.

  • Just put the DLC in the game, stop putting stuff behind paywalls!

  • Some PC games work well on console, others don't - like Risen.

  • Crackdown 3, Fable, Perfect Dark, Halo Infinite just to name a few.

  • Can be a good idea but doesn't always show achievement progress, especially with the achievement tracker on Xbox One.

  • Bad game, don't play it if you value your time on Earth.

  • Or lack thereof. While I do enjoy Halo and the Master Chief, he shouldn't be the official mascot for Xbox because he doesn't really appeal to little kids all that much. Blinx wasn't a good choice for mascot either.

    A bit nitpicky here, I'll admit.

  • This is what happens when you focus almost all your efforts on a Blu-Ray competitor that's undeniably worse than what you're competing with. At least Microsoft noticed this with the Xbox One and started supporting Blu-Ray discs.

  • Many Xbox 360 games suffered this trait. While they visually look good & realistic, characters have awkward / stiff movements. Things sort of got better Xbox One onwards, but not by much as of writing.

  • An extreme embarrassment compared to the original game. Odd visuals / graphics, terrible controls and unfair gameplay. You can't really blame Rare though because Microsoft pushed this game to be an Xbox 360 launch title - and the game was in development hell for 5 years before release.

  • So many original Xbox games with inverted controls, why? I don't mind if airplanes have inverted controls, but even moving the camera is naturally just inverted. Do people just play with their controllers backwards or something?

  • For Kinect, never works as it's supposed to. You basically have to yell at your Xbox for it to understand you most times.

  • A sequel that didn't do anything to improve upon the original, in fact it was arguably worse in some places. Still a fun game regardless, but they played it way too safe.

  • Even more lazy & unfinished than the previous games. What the hell? This game over Scalebound?

  • If I want to get fit, I'd go for a run outside and not use Kinect thanks.

  • I'm referring to the story where some guy killed his parents allegedly over Halo 3. Games don't cause violence, end of story.

  • Some games, like GTA V on Xbox 360, take way too long to install. It was worse when the Xbox One launched - when you have to install physical games onto the HDD.

  • A very enjoyable racing series, but its very much a prime example of delisted games / DLC & dead multiplayer in the current era.

    The Forza games last for maybe 3-5 years before they get delisted and server shutdowns, and I know that it has to do with licence agreements between car manufacturers and Turn 10 but it's still annoying nontheless - especially if you're really into these kind of games.

  • I just don't like this game too much, but I see why it took off when it comes to gameplay. Storyline is just garbage though, I absolutely hate Marcus Fenix as a character.

  • Microsoft's initial attempt at making a mascot for Xbox, where did that go exactly?

    Oh right...

  • What MS did to Lionhead was nothing but tragedy, fuck you Microsoft. #BringBackLionhead