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The Birth of a Spartan 0

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review (Xbox 360)Halo is a series that defines the Xbox brand as we know it today. As a shooter series that predates both Battlefield and Call of Duty, it is a franchise best known for its innovation when it comes to online multiplayer and connectivity.Because Halo: Combat Evolved was one of the top-selling games for the original Xbox, both Microsoft and 343 Industries decided it would be best to remake this beloved game to coincide with the series' 10th annivers...

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Target Neutralized 0

HITMAN Review (Xbox One)HITMAN is a return to form for the series' roots, whilst keeping what made Hitman: Absolution fun to play - and adding necessary tweaks to make for the perfect experience in this international contract-killing series. Here is my review on IO Interactive's soft reboot to the long-running series, HITMAN:SynopsisHITMAN starts as a prequel to all of the mainline game's events. Starting in 1999, you take control of Agent 47 as he passes several examinations to join the ICA - a...

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Fortune & Glory 1

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Review (Xbox 360)LEGO Indiana Jones was the second movie adaptation LEGO game subseries since Star Wars. And it felt really fitting at the time to make a LEGO game based on this beloved film franchise. Unfortunately, the LEGO games were the only Indiana Jones games we got on the Xbox 360. But did they hold up well? Let's find out as we dive deep into LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures:SynopsisLEGO Indiana Jones loosely follows the stories of t...

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Viva La Revolution! 0

Just Cause Review (Xbox 360)One of the first games that introduced me to the sandbox open-world genre was Just Cause, on the Xbox 360. Ever since I first played the game, I have had nothing but nostalgic thoughts when it comes to the first title in the series. But recently, I thought I'd pick it up again to see if it holds up. So here is my review on Avalanche Studios' first game, Just Cause:SynopsisTaking place on the fictional Caribbean nation of San Esperito, Just Cause centres around top-sec...

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A War on Crime 1

Crackdown Review (Xbox 360)I grew up on sandbox games. As a kid, I enjoyed having an open-world map to explore and mess around with at free will. To this day I still hold a strong attachment to these sort of games, especially with the lack of GTA games in recent years.So I decided to revisit Crackdown, an action-adventure game released in 2007 by Realtime Worlds as an exclusive to Microsoft's Xbox 360. Realtime Worlds was a development studio based in Scotland which was founded by the creators o...

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