Classic Bomb #2: Let's Watch "On The Spot!...again"

About two years ago I wrote about how I had a bunch of old "On the Spot" episodes from 2004-2007. While I planned on uploading and annotating these lost episodes, I got lazy, forgot, and never wrote another blog post about it. Well that ends today. The long awaited second post for Classic Bomb is live.

What is Classic Bomb you might ask? It's where I go through and annotate old episodes of "On The Spot," a old Gamespot show that many of the staff of Giant Bomb were the hosts on. Gamespot's website no longer has these videos so it is up to me to make sure this content lives on.

Today we get to relive Fall 2004 with the launch of both PSP and DS, a violent video game debate, and speculate about future video game boxes (spoiler: it's called an Xbox 360).


On The Spot - Nov 10, 2004 "Look, it's a stylus"

Hosts: Rich Gallup, Ryan MacDonald, Jeff Gerstmann

We got PictoChat Tic-Tac-Toe action on DS launch day, Jeff plays Halo 2 while rocking a dope haircut, and a quick look at a very cool stylus.

"Look, it's a" - Rich Gallup

On The Spot - Dec 1, 2004 "Ban this sick filth"

Hosts: Rich Gallup, Ryan MacDonald, Greg Kasavin, Jeff Gerstmann

This episodes covers a lot of the violent video games controversy that was big around this time. We also get to see Jeff play Mario Party. I don't think he's a fan.

  • 0:59 25:30 Questions
  • 9:17 ESRB violent video games controversy
  • 22:25 Half-Life 2 multiplayer
  • 30:34 ATI Graphics Demo
  • 35:00 Resident Evil 4
  • 40:59 Mario Party 6 (Still waiting patiently for the next Mario Party Party)
  • 50:26 Giveaways
  • 54:12 The GTA Bike...did they pay to ship that to someone?

For all to see, here is the most violent games, according to ICCR (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility.

  1. Doom 3
  2. GTA San Andreas
  3. Gunslinger Girl
  4. Half-Life 2
  5. Halo 2
  6. Hitman: Blood Money
  7. Manhunt
  8. Mortal Kombat
  9. Postal 2
  10. Shadow Heart

On The Spot - Dec 8, 2004 "That Time Next-Gen was an Xbox 360?"

Hosts: Rich Gallup, Ryan Davis, Bryan Ekberg

In this episode we get a first look at World of Warcraft which was released a month before. We also get a preview of the PSP in Japan and some predictions of the next generation of consoles.

Love how Rich talks about next-gen and how the games at launch will look good but at the end of the next gen consoles, they will look amazing. Perfect Dark Zero to The Last of Us?

  • 01:59 Japan PSP launch feature + Unboxing (With Jeff Gerstmann)
  • 16:36 34:34 World of Warcraft
  • 20:19 IBM talks about the Cell Processor in the PS3
  • 31:00 MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf Quick Play
  • 36:35 Questions/ Next-Gen
  • 40:15 GOTY PC Games
  • 46:22 Giveaways

On The Spot - Dec 15, 2004 "The PSP has landed"

Hosts: Bryan Ekberg, Rich Gallup, Ricardo Torres

We got PSP's straight from the Japanese Launch and talk about EA buying the exclusive rights to the NFL for future Maddens. R.I.P. ESPN NFL 2K5.

  • 2:05 Gamespot won Best Website from Spike TV video game awards. WOW!
  • 3:20 PSP First Hands on. Includes demos of Ridge Racer and Lumines.
  • 41:20 2004 Madden Challenge Segment.

That's all folks. Expect more in a couple weeks (I promise!)

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