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Oh right, a description: I'm a perpetually unemployed dude from the UK. I worked on a game for the Gizmondo which no-one will ever play because, long story short, Swedish mobsters enjoy wrapping embezzled Ferrari Enzos around trees. What else? I have an insurmountable backlog of games here, a retired game design blog here and a frank irreverence for everything which you can find in anything I've written for this site. Speaking of which, you can find a full repository of my Giant Bomb blogging here for your convenience. Yeah, I know it's weird that I had to make that an off-site thing. Tell me about it.

I guess I'm also a mod now. Yeah, that happened. If you need to contact me for whatever reason, you can use Steam chat (I'm on there as KingMento) or Twitter (GBMento) or PM me on here. Probably best to just PM me on here, honestly. Or use the "PM All Mods" button, since the others are usually of more help than I am.