The Comic Commish - December '12

Hey explosive friends, it's time for this month's comic commission. Running a little late because of all that Desura daftness I got myself embroiled in, here we have three more illustrated premium feature ideas as my way of thanking the guys who made it possible for me to watch the videos in question - premium sponsor and the Giant Bomb crew themselves. October's and November's are over here, for all those that are curious and/or stickpeople obsessives. There's probably more of the former than the latter, I'm guessing.

Premium Content For Your Premium Contempt

"Alex Neverro's Navar Challenge"

So a guy (GB user in fact, since "a guy" isn't really sufficient) started a thread a while back in order to curtail a small amount of anti-Navarro sentiment around the site at the time, due in part to his relatively hands-off involvement with the site which is unfortunately necessitated by the fact he lives on the other side of the continent. Brendan's platform, for those that don't like clicking links, is that while Alex submits a fairly constant stream of interesting and amusing reviews and news stories, we don't see much of the guy on the video content side of things and it's getting to the point that people without much knowledge of the "back story" of Giant Bomb might not have any idea who he is, hence the backlash.

I forget if the above comic idea was supposed to support the idea of more Alex Navarro video content or dismiss the notion that he should have to make any. He does seem to get funnier when he's suffering though. Plus, this site does have a chequered past with the word "Never".

"Encyclopedia Bombasticlone, featuring the Jeff Collective"

Still racking my brain on how Jeff intends to actually Quick Look everything. We have a guy (GB user even. No idea what is with me and this "a guy" crap) that's blogging about playing every game in alphabetical order, and he's still early in the numerals after a bunch of months. I figure they're going to need a whole bunch of cloned Jeffs from those intern cloning vats I mentioned a while back and are probably real. I'm also thinking the engineers could pull a "House of Cosbys" and create special Jeff clones for specific circumstances, like EA Sports Jeff and Korean MMO Jeff.

You know... we like to joke around here, but of all the ideas I've had for this blog feature this seems like the most reasonable.

"Vinnys Will Be Vinnys"

I just want occasional footage of playing all the newest and hottest games in the most sociopathic manner possible. Kind of like a stress test, but for specifically testing a game's capacity for abject cruelty: Just how much of a dick can you be in any given game? This is the kind of information we consumers need. Probably.