The Comic Commish - November '12

Hello fellow sticklers of stickpeople, to another MS Paint Comic Commish! Those unfamiliar with what the hell this is and what the hell my problem might be can look here for further clarification, but in short I'm making a trio of comics per month to thank for kindly donating a year's supply of being able to watch membership videos and to the Giant Bomb staff for the production of same. Each feature three ideas for premium content that I hope are never taken seriously by anyone. Let's get to it:

Premium Content For Your Premium Contempt

"Ryan Davis Does Not Care About the Disney/LucasFilm Merger"

Observed from Ryan's Twitter almost minutes after the news broke was his sheer apathy towards hearing about the damn thing, as it was no doubt being reiterated endlessly on his various newsfeeds. I just thought it'd be funny to gauge his reaction to every piece of news relating to the LucasFilm that passes through the office. I find a lot of people's suffering funny...

"Two Scoops Of Reasons: Patrick Explains LOST for the Lost"

While our diligent newshound has found premium feature outlets for two of his passions - currently Spookin' With Scoops and a soon-to-be-named Jurassic Park game feature - I thought I'd offer our scraggly-haired scrivener a third indulgence with this feature, where he patiently explains what the heck is up with ABC's LOST now that it's been over for a few years. Very little to do with video games, of course, but surely someone would be interested in hearing more about that show. Surely.

"Scotty's Pippin"

No excuses for this one. When they outlaw puns, I hope to see it used as evidence in a courtroom one day.