The Comic Commish - October '12

Hey bombadiers, grenadiers and musketeers! As you may be aware, I was granted a year of premium membership by my good pal last year, and in thanks I created a series of monthly comic commissions throughout 2011/12. You might've spotted a few and wondered why a bunch of shabby stickpeople were all over the Off-Topic forum. Well, for reasons unbeknownst to modern psychiatry, he's gone and done it again.

This time, I've been given carte blanche for the whole year, so I've decided that in order to thank the guy for allowing me to see all the upcoming subscriber videos (not to mention the GB guys themselves for producing them), I'm going to create a trio of Premium Content suggestions every month. While I don't expect any of these to become the real McCoy (it might lead to a casualty or two, for one thing), he'll hopefully feel like he got his money's worth. Though probably not even close. I mean, you can get a year's worth of PSN+ for that price. I know, right? It's gotta be dementia or something.

Premium Content For Your Premium Contempt

"Bomber Birthday Bonus Bullshit!"

So the idea of this one is that every time a Bomb Crew birthday rolls around, the rest of the bunch put their heads together to get them something utterly ridiculous and stupid for their birthday present (any actual gift exchanges can happen off-camera, of course). Shot like the I Love Mondays or Mailbags, it ought to be fun times seeing people's reactions to being given stuff they are decidedly not interested in having anywhere near them.

"It Came From The GameSpot Closet!"

Jeff bought a lot of dumb shit while in Japan on assignment while he was working for GameSpot. At least, from what we've been told. What would ensue if he raided the piles of inscrutable garbage that is no doubt gathering dust somewhere in the building? Hilarity? Maybe!

"The Great Giant Bomb Great Video Game Race To Great Victory! Great!"

OK, so I guess I've been watching too much Top Gear of late. Don't mind this one, folks. I would honestly not want to put Brad through that.