Welcome to Go! Go! GOTY! 2015

Greetings all Rocket Colleagues and Downwell-wishers, to this year's Go! Go! GOTY!: A late-year daily feature from yours truly as I madly try to fit in as many 2015 games left sitting in my backlog before the inevitable GOTY deliberations occur. Through a combination of magnanimous sources and financially-irresponsible decisions, I've just this week amassed a fair number of 2015 games to explore before a point sometime close to Xmas when I will once again start drawing JC Denton behind a lectern, giving out pretend awards to vaguely recognizable stickpeople. As is my wont.

Enough about that Mento guy, though: Go! Go! GOTY! is more about letting others in on what they may have missed this year, as a fair number of the games on this list are real radar-dodgers. (I have to double-check them all to make sure they were actually 2015 releases.) So if you're curious about a specific game I'm looking into, be sure to stop by and see if it's worth your time. I'll be linking to the site's own Quick Looks for each of the games featured, if you need a refresher and/or a second opinion.

I'll be using the same rules as this year's May Mastery:

  • I'll try to finish every game I start, unless they really don't agree with me or they aren't the sort of games with completion states.
  • After three consecutive days of updates for one game I'll move onto another, regardless of how close I am to beating it. I'll keep working on those as I play through the others, but unless something drastically changes in the late-game I'll have no doubt said everything I needed to after three updates.
  • I'll be stopping around December 20th so I can write up a GOTY rundown before the Holidays start. I'm hoping to hit around ten extra 2015 games before that mark.

The purpose of this particular blog right here is to consolidate all the Go! Go! GOTY! entries made so far into one convenient table, updated every time a new one goes up. Here's the contents page thus far:

11/28 - The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (1/3)12/05 - Life is Strange (Episode 3)12/12 - Citizens of Earth (1/3)
11/29 - The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (2/3)12/06 - Titan Souls12/13 - Citizens of Earth (2/3)
11/30 - The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (3/3)12/07 - Life is Strange (Episodes 4 & 5)12/14 - Citizens of Earth (3/3)
12/01 - Castle in the Darkness (1/2)12/08 - Blackhole12/15 - Apotheon (1/3)
12/02 - Castle in the Darkness (2/2)12/09 - Technobabylon (1/3)12/16 - Apotheon (2/3)
12/03 - Life is Strange (Episodes 1 & 2)12/10 - Technobabylon (2/3)12/17 - Apotheon (3/3)
12/04 - Snakebird12/11 - Technobabylon (3/3)Bonus - Nuclear Throne

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