Welcome to Go! Go! GOTY! 2019

People seem to like this one. Will I play it before the end of December? Maybe! (Pfft, I wish.)
People seem to like this one. Will I play it before the end of December? Maybe! (Pfft, I wish.)

Season's greetings! What season is it? Why, it's the season of freezin' (my ass off) squeezin' in last-minute Games of the Year! On this auspicious page of the calendar, we've all collectively chosen to praise and distinguish the excellent games released over the past eleven months, as well as collectively chosen to toss the ol' double deuce at those poor suckers launching their games in December. Better luck next year, dummies!

Sadly, due to my frugal nature I so rarely buy games new when I can just buy a dozen slightly dated ones and be set for an entire year. All the same, there comes a time and perhaps a brief impulse purchase spree or two where I find myself at the dawn of December with a handful of as-yet-untouched potential GOTY candidates. That's where Go! Go! GOTY! comes in: a sometimes-annual feature wherein I give some recent well-regarded games the treatment they deserve - feverishly powering through them, savoring nothing, and hurriedly summarizing them here without any deeper consideration or critique. Or copy-editing even. Surely a win-win scenario for both myself and my readers.

"The rules! Where are the rules?" you ask? Here you go, weirdo, whatever floatys your GOTYs:

  • We're recycling the format from 2017, which is to say that a new Go! Go! GOTY! blog will only appear once I've completed the game it pertains to (or at least played a sufficient amount to pass judgement).
  • The cut-off for this year will be the 20th of December. We'll undoubtedly be done long before that deadline unless the Cyber Monday sales work their dark magics on my already ailing wallet.

Finally, here's the fancy-prancy, hoity-toity box where I put all the blog entries:

Game 1: Baba is YouGame 2: Horace
Game 3: PikunikuGame 4: Odysseus Kosmos and His Robot Quest
Game 5: Shovel Knight: King of CardsGame 6: Electronic Super Joy II
Game 0: Outer Wilds
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