Wiki Project: Super '95 Q3

How many do you recognize?
How many do you recognize?

I realize E3 is upon us and this is no time to be talking about games from two decades ago, but here we are regardless. I do these little Wiki Project update blogs whenever I hit a milestone, and this marks the end of the third quarter of 1995 for the SNES and Super Famicom: a total of 107 games, which is nuts for a three month gap for a single games console (though maybe very conservative for a three month period on Steam). September of 1995 in particular was one of the busiest months of the SNES's lifespan and the bottom four rows of the above image are taken solely from that month.

Talking of above images, this is what I've been doing with 1995 since I already cover my wiki work more in-depth in the Sunday Summaries feature (updates every Sunday! I mean, you figured, right?). Instead of anything too exhaustive, I just present a nice little collage of title screens with a brief "key" below of what game every screen belongs to. I build them around the total number of games from that three month period, but I should probably figure out what's a reasonable size for wallpapers and tweak a few of these to fit the new dimensions. Later, though. For now, soak in all that 16-bit obscurity and I'll see you again for the final - and largest - Wiki Project collage later this Summer.

(Number = vertical position on the grid, letter = horizontal position on the grid. So 4B would be four down, two across.)

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