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2012 Pile of Shame

So here's the deal: This is a list of games I eventually want to beat by December 31st 2012. I mean, that's what anyone means by a pile of shame, right? Unless they're trying to make some sort of unfortunate sexual euphemism. Not the case here. So we're clear.

Hopefully most, if not all, of the items on this list will eventually make their way onto the subsequent one, "List of Games Beaten in 2012". Here's hoping I don't get too distracted this year, everybody!

List items

  • I left Dark Souls unbeaten as the week's rental session expired. Then again, the intent was to just give it a cursory glance since it hadn't been that long since beating Demon's Souls. This year I'm going to wrap up the adventures of the world's unluckiest zombie adventurer.

  • Christmas 2011 acquisition. Wow, is this going to be amazing. Deadly Premonition, am I right Zach? Would you believe that I actually avoided most of the two ERs until I'd played this?

  • Steam gift from ArbitraryWater, earned in part due to audacious punnage. Seems like the kind of game one could bury themselves in if it strikes their fancy. I'll give it the old college try, see how I fare.

  • Talking of gifts, here's another Steam one from a non-GB pal of mine. I'm sitting on almost the entire oeuvre of Telltale at this point, with the exception of the Monkey Island games (no excuse for that), the new Walking Dead (no excuses there either, though I'm not the biggest zombie fan) and Jurassic Park (conversely, I could probably come up with several excuses for not owning that). It's high priority, trust me. I'll definitely have them beat by 2015 at least.

  • So here's a thing: Because I needed a Wii Motion Plus Wii Remote to play Skyward Sword (thanks for that, Nintendo, by the way) I figured I'd pay a little extra and get the one that comes free with this crazy looking pinball platformer dealio. I am making an effort to not buy too many games this year, honest.

  • This is getting silly. I've been sitting on Yakuza 2 so long that I've bought Yakuza 3 and am eyeing Yakuza 4 as it plummets in price because no-one seems to be buying Japanese games that defy conventional genres. Such is the sad state of affairs these days. But then I'm one to talk after letting this collect dust for ages.

  • Not immediately after the second, but I do want to catch up with the series a little before that daft zombie game shows up.

  • Jesus, I almost completely forgot I owned this. It's one of my few Wii games I've yet to even open. Probably should rectify that.

  • New addition (why am I adding things?). Seems like a breezy adventure, set in a world that Aha! created with "Take On Me". Darn right I'll take on this game! (I should never be allowed to write copy).

  • Tracking down a reasonably priced copy of this game is proving difficult, but I'll be darned (pun unintended, maybe) if I won't try to get my hands on this cute-em-up. I don't imagine the Wii will be a thing for much longer, so perhaps all the Wii games will drop to clearance prices. Or not. While I'm listing games I don't actually own on a Pile of Shame list (breaking some cardinal rule here no doubt), I'll also be on the lookout for anything on my "Z-A of Ztuff I Want To Play" list.

  • After all the above, I'm going to make a concentrated effort to blitz the rest of my ridiculous Steam backlog of some 100+ games. I'm probably not even going to make a dent. I hate you, bundles and sales. No, come back, I love you.<br>


    (So far this year I've beaten 5 Steam games and discounted a dozen others)

  • If I'm ever hurting for stuff to play on my 3DS, I now have a not-inconsiderable library of GBA and NES games on there thanks to Nintendo's largesse/apology. 4 Swords, Yoshi's Island and Wario Land 4 seem like promising candidates for a (second, in some cases) playthrough.<br>


    (So far this year I've beaten none of the Ambassador games, though I have beaten a few 3DS games)

  • I am, of course, not forgetting my PS2 backlog which has its own entirely separate list on Giant Bomb somewhere. Yakuza 2's the only one on there I really want to see through to the end, but I'll try to play through some of the others if there's a slow release week.<br>


    (So far this year I've beaten 3 PS2 games. Still have 47 left to go.)