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A Z-A of... Ztuff I Haven't Played Yet

Hola, GB. This is like the other A-Z list, but in a different direction. I'm reversing it up because these are games I haven't played but someday want to. Either they're on the backlog already and I'm just procrastinating over them (and when you're procrastinating about something you do for fun, that's a new hallmark in laziness) or I haven't purchased a copy as of yet.

Anyway, point is, everyone has a "games I want to play" list and that seems like a perfectly justifiable reason to make one of my own. Because damn right I would jump off a bridge if everyone else was doing it.

(I've modernized the list for 2017/2018! Completing most of these might actually be a reasonable goal.)

List items

  • I've been revitalizing my Z-A list of Ztuff, chasing off the 2010-2013 games I'm probably not going to get around to. Just current-gen and bucket list ztuff from here on out. Including this, the first game in Falcom's more jokey Zwei series. I'd pretty much play anything Falcom at this point.

  • Distressingly, there are no extant Ys or Yakuza games that I have yet to play. One will be along shortly, I'm sure, so until then this bucolic life-sim from 2017 will keep its spot warm.

  • Conveniently, I completed Xenoblade Chronicles 2 around the time I bought the expansion for XCOM 2 so I'll be getting back into hiding behind lampposts and missing 90%-certain shots any day soon.

  • Folks are getting excited for a new game from the Danganronpa devs (Rain Code) so it might be time to visit their last, slightly more divisive attempt to break away from the teens murdering teens genre with this game, about... I guess a bunch of teens get murdered here too. I'll give it a shot anyway.

  • I've liked all of DONTNOD's games in the past, even if Vampyr's a bit more muted in its reception. I'm definitely curious about it, just waiting until it's cheap enough to sweep up.

  • I'll admit to being morbidly curious about what they did to UU, especially after so many revisions to a state of near-competency. I'll check it out for old times' sake one of these days.

  • This is the Tales slot and Xillia 2 is the only one I own that I've yet to play. It'll mean pulling out the old PS3 again, but I'm sure it still has the juice for a couple more JRPG playthroughs. (I'll find a way to play Legendia or Hearts R for the next Tales after this, unless another a new one comes out.)

  • I don't think I'm ever going to get tired of these games, even one that lacks RPG elements. Just in case I change my mind about the latter at the last moment though, this spot is also for The Surge 2.

  • The Risen games have an unhealthy dose of jank behind them, but I enjoyed the first two regardless and suspect that I'll at least find something I like about the third.

  • Still aren't a whole lot of options for Q, unless I'm interested in Quantum Break and I can tell you that I am not. Since it's been decades, I've already bought this set on GOG and I'm back on the point and click wagon anyway, might as well put this series here.

  • Now that I hear Kingmaker's actually not half-bad, I'll add yet another throwback isometric CRPG onto the pile. Happy to know I'll probably never run out of these.

  • Octopaaaaath, nobody suspects a thing? Still, as one of the few JRPG exclusives coming to Switch - a console I now own, in a delightful twist of bad financial planning - you better believe I'll be on this like belts on a Squaresoft character. (It's now on Steam too now, so I'll likely find it cheaper there.)

  • I've been playing a bunch of CRPGs from the '00s lately, and this one's perhaps the biggest gap in my library. I've still got to decide how many of the expansions I want to play also.

  • Getting behind with the Mario & Luigi games, so let's make some vague promise to catch up. Vague promises is what this list is all about.

  • It's hype season for the next Life is Strange if that Captain Spirit mini-adventure is any indication. I'll probably wait until the whole season is out first, though.

  • Pretty cheap, since I used a Kirby game for the other A-Z. But whatevs. This has to be played, by me, at some point. I mean, just.. look at the... the... with the... he's made of yarn!

  • I could probably find something more recent than this lost PS2 game, but I still want to find this damn thing and play it. I really liked the Jak series (maybe not enough to buy Jak X though) and it irks me that this is the one game they refuse to rerelease.

  • Dash it all if this game doesn't sound like it was made specifically for me. Of course, I'm not so much of a solipsist that I can't see that it's called "I am Setsuna", a name that is definitely not my own, but I was speaking figuratively. Love old RPGs, but what I love more are newish games that resemble old RPGs but have a bunch of modern game design under the hood to make them bearable.

  • I don't think the art style's that great, but these serial VNs have been blowing up on my timeline for a while and it feels like something I might want to partake in. That extends to the sequel series, Umineko, too.

  • I guess it sounded pretty good? I do like those old-school cyberpunk Blade Runner knock-off adventure games, like Snatcher or Beneath the Steel Sky or Blade Runner. Maybe not Rise of the Dragon. Anyway, the Indie Royale Bundle allowed me to snag this, so I'll get right on that. Probably. (I have other G games to play, but I'm leaving this here until I get it done.)

  • Not quite sure what form it will take, but I haven't missed a mainline single-player Final Fantasy yet. That makes me sound super discerning doesn't it?

  • I have the Eiyuden mini-prologue thing ready to play, but I'm curious what the finished game is going to be like. Suikoden's a hard act to follow, especially for a smaller studio. I guess I'll play that prologue thing and base my hopes on that.

  • This talky surreal RPG intrigued a lot of folks back towards the end of 2019, including those that don't usually play games like it. As one of the few who seemed to like the new Torment, it's probably going to be right up my alley.

  • Now that it's in a decent enough state, I should probably see what all the fuss is about. I'll be keeping an eye out for a bundle with that Idris Elba DLC.

  • This one's kind of a no-brainer. The decision to make it my B entry, I mean, not the title.

  • I'm cheating here. I fully intend to keep Ace Attorney games in the A slot, but they have weird naming conventions where it's often the main character's name first - Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Miles Edgeworth - so this slot's for whatever Ace Attorney games I gotta play. For now that's... just that Layton crossover, unless they localize the Miles Edgeworth duo next.

  • As always, including a "starts with a number" slot is a pain. This game's been hyped up recently so I guess it'll do. Very committal of me.