Desura December Dementia: The Determining Decider/Deciding Determiner

Indefatigable Indie-loving individuals, I need your help. Come December, I'll be following up my award-winning* Steam May Madness feature with a similar one for the relatively overlooked Desura digital distribution service, from which I've managed to accrue a library of games thanks to a series of Indie Royale bundles that I believe they're in some part responsible for. In an effort to both clear out some backlog as well as provide an invaluable service to those ignorant of the games being spotlighted, I'll be playing one of them per day and providing my honest appraisal of their quality. I'll probably only be covering the first two weeks of December, because after that it gets rather busy with Xmas and end-of-the-year GOTY deliberations, but in an effort to deliver what people want to see I've set up this list of every Desura game I own that I don't already have on Steam.

The idea is that, rather than advocating games you've played and liked (or disliked, if you're big on schadenfreude), you tell me which games you'd like to hear more about because it's had so little coverage elsewhere and I'll prioritize them when I begin in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

*my mom thought it was cool.

List items