Four Arms Are Better Than Two

That title is a little too on the nose for one of my lists. Shouldn't it be an awful pun, I hear you say? I know right? But I'm playing this list about four-armed characters in video games completely straight. Clearly something to be serious about.

List items

  • Ben Grimm with another pair of arms would suggest it's clobberin' time and then some, but the Thomgog are actually more like an austere race of magically-gifted scholars. At least that's true for the ones you meet in Westwood Studios' Lands of Lore games. Bacatta will politely decline your offer of a throwdown, Dr Doom.

  • Torgal is a general of Athlum and a member of the feline Sovanni race, a considerably long-lived species. Though martially powerful, their standoffish and intellectual demeanor might recall that of the usual fantasy elves.

  • A former member of the Corsair Canards, a duck-like race of space pirates, Dead Eye joins Bucky O' Hare's team of warm-blooded freedom fighters as the Righteous Indignation's gunner. Like apparently everyone who sits in a spaceship's gun turret, he is overly cocky.

  • The subterranean Shokan are the proudest of the Outworld races, mostly because they're giant-ass thugs that can tear anything apart with their four arms. Any given Mortal Kombat will usually have one as a major boss somewhere.

  • The mantis-like Thri-Kreen uses two limbs for movement and the other four (insects, natch) for swinging their bitchin' spears and ninja stars. If that's not enough, the entire race is innately psychic. Overpowered doesn't begin to cover it if you decide to make a whole team of these guys in Dark Sun.

  • Four arms, four legs. All the better for pressing buttons and being mildly eerie with. I could promise that I won't fill this list with gross monster bug people, but then I promise a lot of things.

  • Most skeletons just have the two arms, or even less, but there's a particular one named the Sword Dancer that assaults the Tales of Symphonia team at several points in their adventure. As well as four arms, the dude has some serious weaponry and gets stronger each time you defeat him. Yep, I dedicated a slot on this list to an obscure optional boss without a wiki entry. This whole four arms thing was an awesome idea.

  • So okay, hear me out here: Asura spends a considerable amount of the game with either two arms or six arms. You know what that averages out as? That's right, I'm invoking a math technicality in my desperation for suitable entries.