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Franchises That Should Become Traveller's Tales LEGO Games

Nothing like a straightforward title like that to make this text box completely unnecessary. But what can I say? I can't pass a text box without writing something in there. I'm taking the therapy sessions.

List items

  • Really, what's needed for a good Lego adaptation is a movie franchise at least a trilogy long with a goofy sense of humour that could be easily mimed out by Lego people. The BTTF franchise is currently content to be a point and click, but I can't imagine it'll stay unblockified for too long.

  • Completely doable. Maybe if they polished the war stuff from the Clone Wars Lego game, that would be a good way to split up the levels where everyone's walking.

  • Traveller's Tales actually makes the official games of the Narnia movies, so this seems practically a given.

  • I could fill this whole list with comic adaptations after they did Batman, so I'll just stick with the super popular Spiderman, currently languishing in a generic beat-em-up series. But then maybe the Avengers or X-Men would be a better fit, with all the different powers the game could use to solve puzzles. Comic books, am I right?

  • As a series that takes great pains to out-goofy Indiana Jones in the period adventure serial stakes, it seems natural to follow that revered series into the world of Lego.

  • There'd be a lot of satirical subtext lost with a Lego game of this French comic, but since that's already the case with the movies I don't think it'll be missed by many. There are so many Asterix stories to draw from to fit the Lego games' episodic formats. And it's not like Lego isn't from continental Europe either.

  • Just so Neo can be awoken from his Lego paradise prison and discover the "real world" is actually cold, hard Meccano.

  • Possibly only the Roger Moore ones. I can definitely see those corny adventures becoming Lego games. I mean, c'mon, Blocktopussy!

  • Like you aren't picturing a Lego Axel Foley sticking a banana up that undercover cop car's tailpipe.

  • Ever melt a Lego? Smells appalling and slightly toxic. Which means the T1000 just got even more deadly.

  • Tree rape aside, Sam Raimi's Looney Tunes-esque horror trilogy is perfect for a Lego game.

  • Who runs Legotown? I actually like the vehicle sections in Lego games, so I think they could do well with this one. I mean, it's super violent, but what does that matter to tiny Lego people?

  • You might be wondering how the intro to the first movie would play out in a family friendly Lego game: Boddicker's gang knock Murphy into his composite pieces, OCP puts him back together with a instruction manual, replaces his hair with the RoboCop helmet. Done and done.

  • So okay, maybe the Alien franchise is a little too hardcore for Lego people. I don't know how chestbursters would work in Lego form. Maybe give all the xenomorphs goofy expressions as they're killing marines? They could paint an escape pod over an airlock by holding a brush with their tail, that sort of thing.

  • Oh, like Lego SAW wouldn't be totally adorable. No kidding though, I'd love to see a Lego game where it's a series of building/destruction puzzles in a row: sort of like Portal if it played to the Lego franchise's strengths. If that has to include saving Lego people from giant microwaves before they turn on, then so be it.