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Free Deez 3DS Games

The Nintendo Switch has been a fine refugee center for the many Wii U games worth a darn, but now that the 3DS eShop has closed up, uh, eShop what's to be done with all its many fine system exclusives? Oh, the Switch doesn't have two screens? I'm sure the Ninty Boffins (not a British alt-rock band) can work around that, and if they can't maybe they should factor that into the Switch 2's design. Might as well put the billion dollars they're going to earn from Tears of the Kingdom towards something productive.

Either way, I just want another opportunity to play most of these since it's going to get tough to find them soon (or impossible, in the case of the digital-only games):

List items

  • A well-rated RPG with a fully customizable team of heroes and features like HQ development and romance sidequests, developed by portable RPG experts Imageepoch. Without the eShop, the only place you can get an acute Code VFD is the red light district.

  • A Japan-exclusive action-adventure/action-RPG similar to Ico with an enormous pedigree of talents behind it, and one of the few tri-Ace games to yet see a localization. Might be a safer bet for the ailing RPG developer than another new Star Ocean from scratch.

  • The first three BoxBoy games were 3DS only (the fourth, BoxBoy + BoxGirl, was exclusive to Switch instead) and I'd be interested in picking up the second and third specifically in some kind of compilation since I missed out on them. Simple visual style, simple mechanics, but an ever higher level of challenge required to solve its shape-forming puzzles.

  • Bravely Default II was a Switch and PC release but the first game and its direct sequel (Bravely Second) are still stuck on 3DS. They're considered some of the best RPGs on the platform so I'm hoping they'll get a bravely second chance.

  • As with BoxBoy!, Pushmo was an early champion of the 3DS eShop digital-exclusive library and with the eShop gone so has most of the Pushmo series. I've played the first Pushmo, but Crashmo and the further sequels Pushmo World (a Wii U exclusive, also in a similar boat re: a discontinued marketplace) and Stretchmo are some quality puzzle-platformers I missed out on.

  • A detective adventure game starring that yellow mouse that can do electricity real good. Now that it has a Ryan Reynolds movie and is expecting an imminent sequel, seems like there should be a more convenient means of playing it.

  • Between the endless Laytons and Yo-kai Watches, Level-5 spearheaded what was essentially a high-budget Game Jam for the eShop which saw a number of imaginative, smaller-scale projects like Attack of the Friday Monsters and Crimson Shroud. I've been hoping for a full compilation on Switch, since I only bought about half of them.

  • One of Game Freak's many diversions between Pok√©mon releases, HarmoKnight is a rhythm-platformer with a significant degree of charm. I wonder if the modest success of Hi Fi Rush might create some small ripple leading to the resurrection other rhythm-based action games.

  • Rumors suggest we're getting a big sequel or remake to this Kid Icarus reboot any day soon, now that Sakurai's freed himself from the sweatshop forcing him to add every fan-mandated character that exists to Smash Bros. Ultimate. No idea yet what sort of RSI-inducing special control mechanism it'll use.

  • There's quite a few 3DS-exclusive Kirby games, so I just went with the one with mech suits. FromSoft's Armored Core 6 is right around the core-ner after all, and after that every major developer will be yelling at their most famous properties to get in the robobot.

  • AlphaDream sadly passed from this world before they could ever make it to BetaDream but they did leave behind a bunch of Mario & Luigi RPGs, the last two of which were 3DS exclusive. I'm not sure they'll ever see a revival, but given both Superstar Saga and Bowser's Inside Story did there's some hope. (I already own Dream Team, so Paper Jam's all I need to complete the set.)

  • Possibly released to block the popular AM2R hack, or maybe it was pure coincidence, but MercurySteam's first foray into the world of jumping all fiddly and dumping on Ridley might have more cachet now that their original follow-up Metroid Dread was a big hit. Enough to get a belated Switch port?

  • Not the most beloved entry in the Paper Mario series admittedly, but like its Wii U cousin Color Splash it's still a shame it's not available any more. If Paper Mario's found its groove again after Origami King, I'd love for Nintendo to go back and redeem these two with some necessary tweaks and added features.

  • This is a tentative wishlist item until I've played the first Persona Q (which I grabbed shortly before the store went down) but portable Personas have always done well in the past, and that's probably just as true for these Etrian Odyssey homages. Wizardry + Chie, what's not to love?

  • This has to be an eventuality, right? There's been so many great Ace Attorney compilations, including a Great Ace Attorney compilation, and after once Capcom puts out one for all the Apollo Justice era games it'll just be this crossover and the Miles Edgeworth duo to go (though I'd certainly take a new game also).

  • I liked the first of these Bamco crossover strategy RPGs, though it could've used more variety given how many properties they had to work with, and I'd like to pick up the second too if I'm able. They put Kiryu in this one!

  • Another Japan-only game that's going to require a localization on top of everything else, but, well, c'mon. A Rocket Slime sequel we never got? Plug that shit directly into my veins. Give it the English subtitle of Revenge of Chrono Twigger while we're at it.

  • Another Imageepoch RPG and another with a stella reputation among fans of long portable gaming sessions. This one has a sort of Persona split between spending free time with companions and fighting monsters in dungeons. Imageepoch is gone now but hopefully someone remembered to grab all the master copies on the way out the door.

  • They could probably just fold all the Dragon Quest music into the most recent Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for Switch if needs must, but I think there's enough Dragon Quest fans in the west to make this a thing again. That said, I only really know the one Dragon Quest track and it's the one everyone knows.

  • Not sure why this is here. Because I needed twenty for a nice round number? I was always fascinated by the surreal GL-coded FMV cutscenes in this game and I'm always down for some Bust-a-Move, so on the list it goes. Coming up with lists is fun, guys, I dunno what to tell you.