Games I've Beaten That I'd Be Happy to LP/ER/Bombastica Some Day

So I've been tinkering with OBS (that would be Open Broadcaster Software, the freeware application of choice for would-be video streamers and LPers) and while streaming directly onto Twitch would be out of the question given my current internet speeds, I could see myself recording video footage with this thing to later upload onto YouTube or some such service. Obstacles abound with getting this done to any satisfactory degree of competency, of course, but to say that "video LPs are where LPs seem to be heading" would be to sound like you're from 2008. Probably ought to get with the times instead of sticking with all this bush league screenshot palaver. Probably.

While I'd probably concentrate on games I haven't yet played and could record my confusion in real-time for whomever might find that entertaining, there's a significant library of games that: A) I have plenty to say about, B) haven't already been extensively covered elsewhere, C) I would want to see get more recognition and D) I really only need the flimsiest of excuses to start playing again. This is a list of games that fulfill at least a couple of those criteria.

This is not a declaration of intent, I'll be quick to clarify, but rather something I'm putting together for future reference.

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@video_game_king: Ha, Mystic Ark was my first streaming attempt with it too. That's kind of eerie.

I've found that the stream seems mad laggy whenever I'm playing it separately in the emulator. Makes me paranoid about how well it'll come out in the end. Still, I figure a SNES game running in an emulator would be less RAM-intensive than most Steam games. If I can get it looking all right, I won't have to wait until I have a much better computer to pull this sort of thing off.

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What a coincidence. I've been fucking about with OBS, too, largely for the exact same reasons. So far, I've only played about four seconds of Mystic Ark: Maboroshi Gekijo to test things out and immediately learned that watching your own stream while you're streaming causes all kinds of horrible echo. So step one complete. Step two: actually talking over all of it.