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Guns That Aren't In Borderlands 2 (Yet)

When you think about it, a bazillion really isn't all that many.

List items

  • "What is that?"<br>"Shotgun."<br>"Nuh-uh, that's that Land Shark Gun I heard about on the news!"<br>"...Rifle."<br>"Nope, not falling for it, you're a Land Shark Gun!"<br>"Pistol?"<br>"Oh really, just a pistol? Well, I suppose I could... ARGH!"

  • Sorry, I couldn't do my graph homework because my computer is a turret now.

  • You can run, green skeleton guy, but you cannot hide.

  • The very worst gun in Goldeneye. Poor old Ken Lobb. Talking of joke items, I was glad to see Borderlands 2 still has the Cracked Sash.

  • No parody mega buster this time around. Maybe they figured it was too gauche after Saints Row The Third did it. Yeah, Borderlands wishes it was that funny. Still, from whom else are you going to see a Mega Buster these days? Capcom?

  • If BioShock had anything (besides a critically acclaimed setting and story, but who cares about that) it was Rosies and big riveters. We Can Do It, indeed. I suppose the Vault Hunters aren't there to make sure everything on Pandora stays operational, but's a rather more important concern when there's several tons of seawater over your head.

  • When you absolutely, positively got to kill every Cacodad in the room, accept no substitutes.

  • If I could shrink some of those Super Badass robots and turn them into additional Jimmy Jenkins, I'd appreciate it. Honestly, how is there not a shrink gun in a game developed by the guys (eventually) behind Duke Nukem Forever?

  • For some reason, this is the only "turn a dude into a comical animal" Ratchet and Clank gun in the database. Not that I'm complaining; ducks are awesome.

  • Oh wait, it's Borderlands 2 not Darksiders 2. Burn? Anyway, it's not like Borderlands 2 has such a poor tally of references already that they couldn't squeeze one more in.

  • Bayonetta's anachronistic ballistics. Forever beyond the four Vault Hunters, unless this new Mechromancer lady figures out how to shoot things with her robot feet.

  • Pew pew. Pew?