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It Would Be Pretty Neat If These Games Got Translated Into English

So that I could play them and read all the words.

Welcome to a list.

List items

  • Man do I love me some tiny robot.

  • Some Italian translator group is doing this one, I wish them all the best. It sounds crazy.

  • I heard this might actually be a thing if enough nerds sign a petition. Internet petitions have changed all sorts of things in the real world. No, really.

    [They did it! A Switch, PS4, and PC port - 2020. Thanks Onion Games!]

  • Destiny II is the one where Stahn gets [SPOILER] and you play as his kid hunting down the [SPOILER] and [SPOILER] them without [SPOILER] the natural [SPOILER], before there's still time.

  • The PS3 version, obviously. This one is already in English.

    [They did it! Vesperia Remastered for PS4/XB1/Steam - 2018.]

  • Oh hey, another one.

    [They did it! Hearts R for Vita - 2014.]

  • W-wait a minute...

  • Yeah, because I'd understand all the in-jokes if they were in English. It took me ten goddamn minutes to figure out that one shmup level in Bayonetta was riffing on Space Harrier, and they lifted the theme wholesale as a big hint.

  • You know they won't bring this out over here, despite selling a metric fuckbunch of Phoenix Wright and Layton games. "The Westerners don't understand the exotic appeal of crossover fanfiction." Read any 15 year old girl's LiveJournal, dipshits. (Disclaimer: I do not read the LiveJournals of 15 year old girls).

    [They did it! 3DS localization - 2014.]

  • A joke, a joke, A JOKE. Man, was Rosy Rupeeland bad.