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List of Games I've Written FAQs For

So yeah, this is something I used to do. I really should get back to writing more guides someday, it's good practice for creating Design Documents - you are essentially reverse-engineering games in a walkthrough after all. Inspired by a recent blog discussion about FAQs and guides with ahoodedfigure.

Oh yeah, these games are eclectic as hell for some reason. I.. I don't know what to tell you.

List items

  • My first ever walkthrough was for this GameCube also-ran mascot platformer some seven years ago (Jesus, really?) It's not actually too bad, considering. I never did play the sequels.

  • Ah, Wario World. Taking the GB/GBC games into the third dimension with this "term we're not allowed to use anymore" "2D platformer with 3D depth." It's the only FAQ I've written where the game was brand new and needed a guide. As such, it's a little rushed.

  • Not the full game, since there are dudes who buy and write up extensive guides for Final Fantasies as soon as their Japanese version is released. I just wrote a FAQ for the confusing arithmetic-heavy coin-based mini-game the game uses in lieu of FF8/9's card games. It's kind of in-depth for something so minimal to the plot.

  • Shaq wasn't the only one in the "basketball star arbitrarily takes on monsters in his own 16-bit game" market back then. It's a decent game, though utterly baffling in so many ways.

  • Talking of sports personalities in baffling platformers, this cute GBA game is a lot more fun than it has any right to be.

  • More licensed platformers. I don't aim high with my choice of games to write guides for.

  • A non-licensed platformer. One of those games I beat a million years ago and figured I could easily beat again for a guide.

  • Jelly Boy's a great lost SNES platformer. I wrote a guide for this to raise its profile. I also had to create the page for it on Giant Bomb too. Is it just because it was European only? Or did absolutely no-one play it?

  • I'm glad to see this Asterix game, an improvement over the original XXL and full of referential humor to other video games, has such a detailed wiki on Giant Bomb. The PS2 is sorely lacking in decent platformer-brawlers, that aren't just the adventures of that buff Greek dude tearing things apart.

  • This janky budget Pikmin isn't much to write about (except I did, I guess) but there's not a whole lot like Pikmin on the market here. Are team-based puzzle strategy games that hard to make?

  • One of my favorite games, and one of my better guides (IMHO at least.) I sure did write a lot of euphemisms for that asshole Dreadnaught.

  • An early XBLA game, sort of a Greek mythology-based Diablo-lite with goofy-ass character models. XBLA Torchlight has now rendered it (and therefore my guide) utterly obsolete, so that's nice.

  • *shrugs*

  • The precursor to Earthworm Jim (no, really), it's the best game I've ever played starring the mascot of a soft drink. High praise indeed, right?