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Mass Effect 3 Cameos

Hey folks. It seems Mass Effect 3 spoiler season is in full effect, with tidbits about the game flying every which way right now. I'm choosing to exacerbate the issue with a list of fellows you can expect to bump into in BioWare's latest space opera shooter RPG, depending on choices made in the previous games.

[I have yet to play Mass Effect 3. A minor post-script factoid for you all, there.]

List items

  • At the start of the game, if you look carefully enough, you might see the back of Shepard's head as you run around the devastated Earth. Rumor is, you'll see it again in later areas too.

  • Tali's the Donatello of sassy purple aliens. No doubt she'll pop up to dispense technobabble with her goofy accent. Like always, she'll continue to be completely oblivious to Chip's and Dale's affections towards her.

  • Liara's also in this game. Probably. She's a pretty blue lady.

  • Dopefish can be found on an aqueous planet in the Attican Traverse. You can't land there, but if you squint very hard at the planet from the galaxy map, you might just see Tom Hall's infamous piscine prankster.

  • Hailing from BioWare's Dragon Age universe, Jowan is a unique pre-order DLC character available to those who ordered the game from a specific brick-and-mortar chain that went out of business days before Mass Effect 3's release. Jowan's background with the Circle of the Magi allows him to make specific observations on Shepard's behalf about how fucked up the current situation is.

  • Brad appears as a sexy female reporter who stows away on the Normandy for infrequent interviews. The limitations of the face capture technology might make him look like someone else, but BioWare's gone on record to say they're still working out the kinks in the system and will fix the issue in a future patch. It is literally impossible to keep him alive until the end of the game.

  • As attentive Legion fans know, the geth collective consciousness has a weakness for online shooters. If you look at a console monitor behind Legion during Mass Effect 3, you'll spot his online character: A geth drone with wicked mutton chops.

  • Majora's Mask's creepy moon can be visited on the galaxy map, but only if you beat the tutorial stage and reach the correct system within 72 seconds: The amount of hours it takes for the Moon to hit Termina. Good luck!

  • Any player unfortunate enough to be hounded by Reapers on the galaxy map will, upon escaping their 100th ancient synthetic terror, run into one that is bright white and has googly eyes. The infamous "Blooper Reaper" has been the cause of 75% of the negative user reviews plaguing the game's Metacritic entry.