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Pile of Shame 2013 / Wishlist / A Miserable Little Pile of Shameful Wishes

Most people only start to feel shameful after drinking too much on New Year's Eve, or perhaps after a huge Christmas dinner, but I'm getting an early start. For this week, leading up to the 25th, I've been busily playing all the excellent Indie games I missed to ensure I'm not leaving anyone out of the GOTY list. It occurs to me that there were simply way too many excellent downloadable games this year to get through them all this month, or at least with the amount of time and attention they deserve.

Instead, I'm making a list of all the games I intend to play through next year, in case I don't manage to beat them by the end of this one.

Hmm, I could've just said "It's like my Pile of Shame 2012 list, but for 2013" and saved myself some typing. A pox on this pernicious prolixity! I'm adding "discover what 'brevity is the soul of wit' means" to my list of resolutions.

[This List is now out of date, what with it not being 2013 any more. The new hotness can be found here.]

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