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Snesational SENS Games

Nobody finds dyslexia as funny as I do. But I'd wager many people find SNES games as awesome as I do. Simply listing all the ones I've played would be a little extensive and probably (probably?) not that interesting to most, so here's an A-Z of SNES titles you should check out if you haven't already. I left out Q, V and X because screw those guys.

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  • Well-known God-Sim to start us off. The final boss is a doozy, though. Not even "The Mountern That Plays" could manage it during the legendary SNES Party, though to be fair they did kind of put him on the spot.

  • The only good Super Scope game. It deserves credit for that at least. Are you a bad enough dude to bring down the European cartwheeling robot?

  • Probably could've gone more obscure than this. Sorry. When I grow up, I'm naming my minions after rock stars too. Both Magus and Bowser pulled it off.

  • This Ghouls N' Ghosts spinoff feels more like Castlevania. And not just because of them darn demons roaming around. Capcom and Konami were really at each other's throats back then.

  • Isometric puzzley goodness. Fantastic music.

  • All the dangers of firefighting, with none of the CEO-carrying and crate moving that made future firepeople games less fun.

  • Zombies Ate My Neighbors sequel. Might work updated as a dual-stick shooter. But then what do I know, it's not like zombie games are still popping up everywhere.

  • You think Ninja Gaiden was hard? Try combining it with Contra. Yeah, now you're shaking. I was going to put Hebereke's Popoon here, because that game doesn't make me cry manly tears of pain, but Giant Bomb's never heard of it? What?

  • Like FFMQ, this is kind of a low-pressure introduction to JRPGs. Unlike FFMQ, this is still a good game. Oh I'm so catty.

  • Well, I added it to the database, so I'll going to go ahead and assume not many people have played this. It's like a Boy and his Blob, but combined into one being!

  • A bizarre Arthurian saga that ably combines the awesome battles of a real-time strategy game with the team management puzzles of something like Lemmings.

  • This game's sense of humor, good lord. I think I caught weeaboo-itis from Goemon's (NOT KID YING NEVER KID YING) misadventures through Edo-period Japan.

  • Why choose Mario Paint instead of, say, an actual game? Because Mario Paint rocks. You could use the game to create entire animated movies with a VCR, or just swat flies and experiment with the different modes. You could spend a sizable amount of time just clicking things during the intro. It had an infectious sense of pointless fun.

  • You know, there were probably better ninja games - maybe even better robot ninja games - but the times I spent with this on two-player ninja Rush N' Attack type affair are priceless. I do recall arguments over who got to be the girl ninja though.

  • It's supposed to be Cameltry, dammit. Oh well. On the Ball, rather than a soccer game as one might assume, is a puzzle game not unlike those bonus stages in the first Sonic, where you move the maze around the ball instead of the ball itself. Seems slightly sacrilegious to use Sonic in an analogy for a SNES game..

  • Plok's great. A lost platformer classic. Rayman wished he could throw his not-exactly-firmly-attached limbs at enemies, but that's why Plok rules and Rayman drools. Objectively speaking.

  • I am often in another time zone. But like, GMT-1 rather than GMT+1. Because I'm so good at all the racing, you see. How does Olaf know how to drive anyway? A steering wheel's not the same as a shield.

  • S isn't even fair. Half the SNES library began with S. I went with SMW because there's no beating SMW. Except I guess Super Metroid but oh God it's all falling apart around me.

  • Some heavy "rebuilding the world" philosophical stuff here. Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia weren't particularly bright and cheerful either. I guess Enix saved all their whimsy for the Dragon Quests.

  • Or, you know, Unirally. I guess it's not as major as much as some of the other SNES name changes (Super Probotector? Honestly?) but some people seem kind of sore about it anyway. One of those games where the pretty colors distracted you from the fact you couldn't really tell where you were going.

  • I completely forgot about Wild Guns, which sucks because I like Wild Guns a whole lot. It really felt like an Arcade game, in that way Konami games occasionally manage. Helped that it was a completely crazy sci-fi robot take on a traditional western too.

  • Ys is great. I should play more Ys. They all seem to be getting remade though - this one later became the PSP's Oath of Felghana, which I'd probably recommend over this - so I'll wait it out for the others to receive similar treatments.

  • Zombies again. At least this one embraced its B-Movie roots, as opposed to many of the newer ones that take shuffling corpses way too seriously. A Dead Rising or Left 4 Dead with this level of not-seriousness would be pretty fun. I think. Except.. those games already have Servbot hats and garden gnomes, respectively, so maybe seriousness isn't the problem.